Upgrade to the Pando Pioneer Beta Program and Get All the Benefits of an Early Bird

The early-bird does get the worm! Our first 500 Pioneers get life-time access to a membership program designed for pioneers like you that are blazing the path in permaculture, regeneration, social justice and social entrepreneurship. 

Be One the First 500 Pioneers!

No thanks, I'll stick with the Pando Academy Commons for now...

Lifetime Access! 

Beta Pioneers get grandfathered/grandmothered into the Pando Pioneer Membership program after we reach the first 500 pioneers and the content library is filled. 

Weekly Q&A Sessions

You get to ask your trainers any and all questions you have as you take courses and uncover modules. Can't make a session? Ask your trainers in the private slack channel and get the answers you need. 

Step-by-Step Workbooks

Worried about getting actionable instruction for your pioneering needs? Each course module comes with action outcomes that you can be guided through with a step-by-step PDF workbook. 

Member Benefits

20+ Hours of Self-Developement Instruction for Permaculture Pioneers

20+ hours (so far) of actionable and applicable self-development courses that help you show up in the world so that you can be the change you wish to see in it. Here are a few of the learning modules you'll
find as a Pando Pioneer:   

Pando Self Framework

Develop a greater understanding of yourself so that you can bring harmony into your life and an ability to accomplish your wildly important dreams. 

Pando Ecosystem Framework

Develop a greater understanding of your social and environmental ecosystem so that you more fully realize your personal legend. 


Pando Systems Framework

Systematically plan and visualize your dream using the principles of permaculture so that you bring the un-manifested to the manifested.

Pando Presence Framework

Learn to manage your state of being by building consistency, habits and presence in your life so that you can work through any challenge that comes your way. 

Pando Service Framework

Build your capacity to serve, create impact through service, and ultimately drive a social-change movement into the mainstream so that you really are the change you wish to see in the world. 



Ready to Be the Change? Become a Pando Pioneer Today and get the Beta Bonus 

  • One-time cost for a life-time of continued educational content
  • Everything that the Pando Academy Commons provides plus... 
  • 20+ hours of self-development courses for permaculture pioneers
  • Step-by-step course workbooks
  • Weekly Q&A Zoom chats with the trainers to answer all your questions
  • Access to new and updated content for life
  • Discount prices on Pando Academy events, group mastermind cohorts, and private mentoring with any of our Seeds of Tao trainers, coaches, and education partners
Be One the First 500 Pioneers!

No thanks, I'll stick with the Pando Academy Commons for now...