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Nov 21, 2023

Regenpreneur Masterclass with Alexandre Family Farm









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Who is the Alexandre Family Farm?

Blake Alexandre 🌱 "The Soil Enthusiast" / 4th Generation 🌾

Blake Alexandre grew up on a small dairy in Ferndale, California. From a young age, he worked on the dairy and developed a passion for grass farming. Blake excelled in 4-H and FFA, eventually studying dairy science at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. He was awarded the National High Individual Dairy Judging Award and played a key role in the success of "Project Dairy." Blake's dedication to soil management ensures the production of nutritious milk and food for consumers.

Stephanie Alexandre 🥦 "The Nutrient Dense Foodie Mama" / 4th Generation 🍎

Stephanie Alexandre grew up in Chino, California, and was actively involved in dairy farming from a young age. She earned her BS in agriculture business at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Stephanie's expertise and creativity contribute to the family farm as the Alexandre controller and head of marketing efforts. She is passionate about local education and nutrient-dense food, starting the Bucket Calf program to provide hands-on experience to children. Join us for a unique Masterclass with Blake and Stephanie Alexandre of Alexandre Family Farm to learn about regenerative farming and producing high-quality food in harmony with nature. 🌿🌍🐄🥦🍎

What do we cover in Masterclasses?

Core Competencies of Regenerative Entrepreneurs

Each month, or as requested by the Seeds of Tao community, we have a masterclass on one of six core tenets of regenerative business. This month our focus is on message. As you develop your regenerative enterprise, you reach a point where you need to hire others to help you get your message out into the world in the right ways. By doing so systematically, and consciously, we can amplify our positive impact while scaling our business.

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