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Your path beyond sustainability

Find your unique path to a regenerative livelihood through an engaging community, helpful e-learning courses, mastermind groups, podcasts, and much, much more...
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How Do We Navigate Towards
A Better Future And Beyond?

Lasting change has to come from the inside out. You'll find that the Seeds of Tao Podcast, Courses, and Mentoring are all structured for us to personally recognize and act on our responsibility as stewards. When creating the change we wish to see in the world, we start with ourselves, which ripples out to our homes, then to our communities, which creates an interwoven culture of harmony. That's how we navigate towards a better future and beyond.

Who Is In Our Community

The Permie-preneur

You are actively applying permaculture practices into your business, whether with your own farm or other business endeavors.

The Practicing Permie

You are applying the permaculture principles in your personal life, at home with your family, and where possible in the community you interact with. 

Prospective Permie

Either you have heard of permaculture and are looking into it more, or you have the knowledge but haven't been applying the principles quite yet. 

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"

Just as Gandhi taught, be the regenerative change this world needs. It all starts with you! Join the Pando Academy and gain a learning resource and community, designed to foster your regenerative livelihood. 
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