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A Little About Us...

Joshua Paul Prieto

Josh is the Co-Founder and Director of the Seeds of Tao learning platform for regenerative entrepreneurs. He has over 10 years of experience creating, building, and operating startup solutions alongside entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes. That experience has shown him that entrepreneurs have the biggest role to play in the Anthropocene as we either create the solutions for, or become the root problem of, our people, planet, and future. Josh now co-creates educational programs that disrupt the current way our entrepreneurs learn. His holistically designed educational programs empower entrepreneurs to stop chasing “silver-bullet” solutions and start designing solutions that use regenerative systems.

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Emily Prieto

She is a super enthusiastic, outgoing gal from California who has always had a love of livestock and ranching. Since being turned on to the permaculture movement she has embraced it wholeheartedly, just like homeschooling and self-development.

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We help your inner power to create...

It all starts with getting in the right mindset. Mindset changes everything. When you are out of balance or bogged down with internal and external negative dialogue, it becomes nearly impossible to achieve your goals. Josh and Emily have totally been there and found that real change and positive movement forward with your vision, has to come from the inside out. Through educational podcasts and content you can learn how to achieve this inner balance so you can move forward. They combine techniques for maintaining presence, empowerment, emotion release, and goal setting to allow your mind to be fertile ground for your personal growth.

After you have primed your brain for personal growth, it is time to truly understand the world around you. Understanding your environment and evaluating it based on how much effect or control you have will help you start to prioritize what is best to work on now, that will create the impact you desire. A clear direction and priority is imperative to creating meaningful movement towards your vision, otherwise you may find yourself working on a permaculture project that is not in harmony with yourself or your environment.

Ok, so you've got your awesome, powerful mindset, you understand your environment and now you're ready to create your goal-  but how do you make sure you stay focused on your goal and see improvements? How can you stick with it for the long haul? Planning, planning, planning. Remember the old saying, "Measure twice, cut once?" That saying is all about the prep work, it definitely applies to goal setting. Learn to roadmap you goals and get a clear idea of what it will take to get you there. Take all of this planning and visually represent it so that it taps into the parts of your mind that will make your goal become a reality. Goal execution through proper project management is something we are crazy passionate about, and we love to help permies like you get moving on your dream in the right ways.

It is all about creating habits now to move you forward, strategically reevaluating and filling your life with the things and people that will help you along your way.  Also, be aware that a pivot may come, and learn how to handle that without giving up. Keep these strategies up and your goal will be accomplished in no time. Our podcast with share many of these strategies, and examples of people using them, and our mentoring will help you apply them specifically to your goal and keep you from tripping up.

Now that you are a positive, goal achieving sustainability machine, you can expand your influence. You've been creating some amazing changes in the environment around you, I am sure it's not going unnoticed. We are now ready to harmonize with the world around us. All of us together are moving our personal visions forward, and can expand those visions to include those around us. That's when we create community movements, that's when we create impactful change in the world. Our positive footprint expands and together we are able to help the world re-think the problems the earth is facing, and provide real, positive solutions so that we as citizens of the earth can flourish in harmony. You can be an epicenter of that change, and we will show you how to do it through our podcast, courses, and mentoring.

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Our very first podcast episode goes into more details of our backstory and why we're here putting ourselves out in the world and supporting the
permaculture movement.


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