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Episode 112: The Regenerative Business Economy Network Map

em & josh Apr 11, 2023
Seeds of Tao Podcast Episode 112: The Regenerative Business Economy Map, aka regenBEN

Welcome to another Seeds of Tao Podcast episode! In Episode 112: The Regenerative Business Economy Network Map, we're having a more interactive conversation around crowdsourcing the mapping of the current ecosystem of regenerative enterprise building. Our goal is to share this information with everyone and explore the possible uses of such a map.

We'll be using some tools to do this mapping experiment, including The Brain (a tool we’ll talk about below), this blog post, and an intake form to crowdsource data from impact entrepreneurs. Below, you'll see an embedded version of the digital mind map we're calling the Regenerative Business Economies Network map or for short the regenBEN map. It's a visualization tool we'll be using to map the relationships between regenerative enterprises.

During the podcast, we'll explore the possible uses for this map including connecting the work of impact entrepreneurs building regenerative businesses, finding relationships between regenerative enterprises and their impact on the planet and its bioregions, identifying patterns in regenerative enterprise design, and exploring how we might work together to connect and scale regenerative systems across the bioregions and cultures of the world.

We'll also discuss how to collaborate to build an interconnected regenerative business economy, connecting entrepreneurs, and figuring out how to design the regenerative enterprises of the future. Finally, we'll invite listeners to fill out the form and join us in the Regenerative Business Economy Map, and become part of the regenBEN community.

Thank you for joining us on the Seeds of Tao Podcast, and we hope you'll join us in this exciting exploration of the regenerative business economy.

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RegenBEN Community and Resource Commons: if you are interested in engaging with other in an entrepreneurial community of regenerative enterprise builders where you can learn, grow, and collaborate together then consider joining the free community.

The regenBEN Map (View the map online here)

So far, the map has eight main categories we are gathering data on. Because we want regenBEN to be centered around impact entrepreneurs, regenerative enterprises, and the bioregions they serve our first three categories are: 1) Impact Entrepreneurs, 2) Regenerative Enterprises, and 3) Geographic Ecoregions.

The next three categories we chose to include are related to the way impact entrepreneurs and their enterprises serve our people, the planet, and the future. These categories are: 4) Earth Systems, 5) Service Categories and 6) Enterprise Stage. The Earth Systems category is based on the work of a group of Mathias Boissonot, Laura Duarte, Dr. Simon Schillebeeck, and Rafael Aldon who have also began to map the regenerative economy. Their work does a great job of representing a regenerative enterprises contribution to specific earth systems as well as the relation of enterprises that support those working on the frontline to actively improve earth’s systems. Category 5) Service Categories, helps us to map the specific relationship to the people or clients they serve as well as the relation to how they impact the different earth systems they serve in. Category 6) Enterprise Stage helps to understand how far into the entrepreneur and enterprise is along their journey to serve people, the planet and our shared regenerative future.

The final two categories are gathering data on how entrepreneurs and their regenerative enterprises are engaged in our current economic system. As many of know, the current economic system is broken, but we have to still operate in that system in order to create change even if we have chosen not to be a part of it. We can and must operate in the system to change it, but we must not become a part of it if we are to help it transition. So category 7) Industries & Verticals helps us to understand how working in certain industries or through certain verticals we can change the systems towards regenerative ones. Category 8) Enterprise Structure shows how entrepreneurs organize their enterprises in the current systems to work in our current systems but not be a part of them.

This is only the beginning of our mapping experiment and so nothing is set in stone. We may add to, take away, or combine categories depending on the patterns we see in the data we are collecting from entrepreneurs and regenerative enterprise builders all over the world. Go and explore the map, see if you can find your own patterns, and if you want to add to the map or suggest a tweak to it join us in the regenBEN community 

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