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June 21st, 2023

Building Your Growth Marketing Team

Josh Prieto teaches how to know when it's appropriate to build your marketing team, how to do so systematically, and who to hire when.









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Who is Josh Prieto?

Josh is the Co-Founder and Director of the Seeds of Tao learning platform for regenerative entrepreneurs.

He has over 10 years of experience creating, building, and operating startup solutions alongside entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes, But before that he developed his career as a marketer and brand storyteller working in marketing teams big and small.

That experience has shown him that entrepreneurs have the biggest role to play in the Anthropocene as we either create the solutions for, or become the root problem of, our people, planet, and future. Josh now co-creates educational programs that disrupt the current way our entrepreneurs learn. His holistically designed educational programs empower entrepreneurs to stop chasing “silver-bullet” solutions and start designing solutions that use regenerative systems.


What do we cover in Masterclasses?

Core Competencies of Regenerative Entrepreneurs

Each month, or as requested by the Seeds of Tao community, we have a masterclass on one of six core tenets of regenerative business. This month our focus is on message. As you develop your regenerative enterprise, you reach a point where you need to hire others to help you get your message out into the world in the right ways. By doing so systematically, and consciously, we can amplify our positive impact while scaling our business.

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