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Sept 20, 2023

How to Balance Bold Visions and Great Uncertainties as an Impact Entrepreneur









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Who is Minou Schillings?

Hi, I am Minou 👋 I am here to help you to break with business-as-usual thinking and imagine and realize a regenerative future. 

The business-as-usual mindset is broken. For decades or even centuries, this mindset has damaged nature and big parts of society. We have now (finally) got to the point that it is also harming businesses. 

Sticking to this old way of thinking will make your business less resilient, less likely to survive an economic crisis and less innovative. 

Leaving the business-as-usual mindset behind and striving to create positive impact on people and the planet is now not only the right thing to do, it is also a wise business decision.

I am here to help you to realize the mindset shift needed to transition to a regenerative and just future. 

We will only realize a better future once we can imagine it. 

I spend most of my time exploring regenerative pathways with business owners, teams and impact-driven individuals. My Dutch background makes me direct, no-nonsense, down-to-Gaia and efficient. 

What do we cover in Masterclasses?

Core Competencies of Regenerative Entrepreneurs

Each month, or as requested by the Seeds of Tao community, we have a masterclass on one of six core tenets of regenerative business. This month our focus is on message. As you develop your regenerative enterprise, you reach a point where you need to hire others to help you get your message out into the world in the right ways. By doing so systematically, and consciously, we can amplify our positive impact while scaling our business.

In the meantime... you can check out the recordings of previous Masterclasses.

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