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Episode 001: Why Seeds of Tao?

Aug 27, 2019
Seeds of Tao podcast the view from our land in Montana


Emily and I are excited to have you join us on our journey as we help impact entrepreneurs start, grow and scale their regenerative enterprises, but it’s not just our journey, it’s yours too. We’ve met so many entrepreneurs all over the world who share a passion and love for our Mother Earth and the responsibility we have to be good stewards of the earth, its life, and each other. We are all at different stages in our journey and we come from different backgrounds and carry varying beliefs, but there seems to be a commonality between many of us that we all want greater harmony in our lives and within our environments. Our purpose for you as we launch this podcast is for you to achieve exponentially increase your positive impact in the world and we’re excited to show you more on how we plan to do that. 

Our “Why” for the Seeds of Tao Podcast:

With so many crazy things going on in the world it’s hard to really tune into a vibration that’s positive, uplifting, and even productive toward helping us create the change we wish to see in this world. A mentor of mine, Kirk Duncan, often tells me that we have to get away from all the “yuck” that is surrounding us and really go inside ourselves to find that inner strength and power that can help us clean up that “yuck” so that we can the impact we want. It’s a process and it takes time, but if we really want to make positive changes in this world, it starts with us. 

We believe that entrepreneurs are a keystone species. The world is hurting and really needing regenerative efforts, and there are many ways to go about that. Some people choose to focus on activism, others grassroots initiatives, and still others through policy change. They are all great strategies. For us, we choose to help the entrepreneurs because we believe that the entrepreneur is in a really unique situation to create exponential impact through their regenerative enterprises, so that regeneration leaks into and takes over the mainstream narrative. 

A Bit of Our Story! 

We haven't always felt this way. There was a time when we were so overwhelmed with the insane amount of consumerism, capitalism, inequality and exploitation in the world, we wanted to run away from it all. So we packed up our two little kiddos, downsized to an Airstream trailer, and headed off into the sunset to Montana where we wanted to build a house out of dirt and live self-sufficiently. 

Well, it didn't really work out. While we were there we realized that cutting ourselves off from the world didn't really help create the positive change we were hungering to create. It just hid our light more.

So we decided to re-engage and work within the economic landscape to help the entrepreneurs through our superpowers, branding and messaging. During our years as a brand agency, we found ourselves not really helping the right people, sure the tech start-ups and million-dollar businesses had good intentions, but we wanted to put our knowledge and tools in the hands of the world changes. So we left our branding agency and started Seeds of Tao to help impact entrepreneurs expand the work they're most passionate about.

What’s in Store for You…

We believe the work of regeneration is a collaborative effort. No one is going to change the world alone. So on the podcast we'll be talking with people in the work of sustainability and regeneration. For those in the impact entrepreneurial space, you’ll find support, community, and events to help you at all stages of your journey. We've got big plans to revolutionize the way impact entrepreneurs are educated and supported. You can check out more of our vision and plans for the future in our pitch deck ...


Next Episode: The Permaculture Compass - Where are you at and What Direction Should you Go? 

Don’t forget to tune in to our next episode where we will go over what we’ve found to be the core components to navigating your permaculture journey. 

Next Episode: The Permaculture Compass