January Masterclass: Re-Vision Your Regenerative Livelihood in the New Year

On January 6th @ 4PM Pacific Anamaria Aristizabal, author of Life Re-Vision
(Re-Vision de Vida), invites us to Re-Vision ourselves, find our purpose, and rediscover what really makes us feel alive. 


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Come and start the year with purpose and fun reflection

Let's move, draw, and play! In this masterclass, we will draw our Daemon, an animal representation of your life force and wild nature. Anamaria invites us to reclaim this part of ourselves and benefit from its presence in our lives. This involves balancing our wild and instinctual side with our wise self, channeling our energy in the most purposeful and life-giving way. Then, we will learn about how to love and care for our Daemon

Personal Development for Regenerative Entrepreneurs

Each month, or as requested by the Seeds of Tao community, we have a masterclass on one of six core tenents of regenerative business. This month our focus is on your personal development. Bringing regenerative change to our people, planet, and future means being the best versions of ourselves. 

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