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Join the Commons and become a part of a support group for impact-driven entrepreneurs creating regenerative change. Inside the community you'll find a free mini-course to help you design your regenerative livelihood as a "regenpreneur", monthly podcasts highlighting entrepreneurs like yourself, masterclasses taught by leaders and influencers of their industry, and a monthly peer-to-peer Think Tank event where we tackle the challenges of being regenerative pioneers together. 

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HOW IT WORKS: Get access to your resource and learning dashboard where you can take the Dreamcatcher Mini-Course, engage with the community, and attend Seeds of Tao events. Stay tuned for weekly content via email, and attend supportive Think Tanks and other community events to help you along your regenpreneur journey, all for free. 

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"Who are you calling a regenpreneur?"

If you know and resonate with the greater impact/sustainability/regenerative movement and have built a purpose-driven business around its ethics and principles, then we're talking to you and all other entrepreneurs who are looking to build enterprises that are in harmony with people, planet, and our shared future. 

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The best time to plant a regenerative enterprise is 20 years ago!

The second best time is NOW

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