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Entrepreneurs seeding regenerative paths beyond sustainability


Find your unique path to creating, building, and scaling a regenerative business through an engaging community, helpful e-learning courses, Think Tank groups, incubator programs, our Seeds of Tao podcast, and much, much more...
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Seeds of Tao serves impact entrepreneurs who are...

Conceptualizing Their Ideas

Do you have an idea for a business that has the potential to create regenerative change? Come gain clarity on that idea, determine if it is the right fit for you, and explore the business models you'd like to test. 

Validating Their Models

Do you have a regenerative business model you are currently validating in your market? Learn to observe, interact, and test your model in the market alongside your peers. 


Accelerating Their Business

Have you been working to accelerate your business toward the regenerative impact you desire? Actively build the skills and competencies for your business to thrive.

Systemizing Their Growth

Do you feel like your business has reached a point where it can no longer grow by sheer hustle alone? Build regenerative systems that will self-perpetuate meaningful growth. 

At Seeds of Tao, we believe in impact entrepreneurs.


What we admire most about you is the way you're out there putting everything you've got into helping create positive change in the world. It's never really about the glory and fame. You're willing to take the punches and get your hands dirty. You care deeply about protecting life of every size and shape. You value our people, planet, and the future we
are building together.

You are a keystone species.

You are an entrepreneur...
... a change-preneur, a think-out-of-the-box-preneur, a heal-the-earth-preneur, a no-dream-is-too-big-preneur, a good-for-all-preneur, and a build-a-better-future-preneur.
And we just want to say...
we believe in you.

Here's how we help impact entrepreneurs...


Through the United Learning Lab, we provide education and support for those building regenerative enterprises. Being entrepreneurship ourselves, we know first hand that learning to be a successful entrepreneur doesn't happen in a classroom, and yet, having knowledge of core competencies of entrepreneurship is a critical factor.

We want to support the whole entrepreneur, with their unique needs and desires. To do that, we take a three tiered approach that builds competencies and stacks functions.

Tier 1 - Open Online Courses

We are building an massive open online catalog of courses (MOOC) so entrepreneurs can learn core competencies of entrepreneurship from experts in their field.

We only ever endeavor to teach you two things: a beginner’s mind and the interconnectedness of all things. A beginner’s mind opens you up for never-ending growth. Seeing all things as an interconnected whole gives you the insight to build holistic, cradle-to-cradle solutions.

That being said, there are six core tenets of regenerative business we hope you forever keep a beginner's mind around and find the interconnectedness between. They are: 

  1. Marketing and Message
  2. Finances and Funding
  3. Cultural Forces and Flows
  4. Personal Developement 
  5. Organizational Management
  6. Natural Capital Management

Tier 2 - Incubation  Programs

Entrepreneurs gain experience, support, accountability, and a sense of community in our incubation programming. 

Our incubator programs play a crucial role in fostering the growth of impact entrepreneurs who are dedicated to building regenerative enterprises. By providing a structured environment, guidance, and resources, our incubator empowers these entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into tangible solutions that address pressing social and environmental challenges.

It is a nurturing space for early-stage impact entrepreneurs to select their biggest, most-important goal, the thing that would make the greatest change in their business, and then work on it throughout the 6 month cohort with guidance and instruction along the way.

Tier 3 - Bio-Regional Hubs

We bring entrepreneurs together in bioregional learning hubs where we host retreats and other collaborative events and trainings for impact entrepreneurs specific to the bioregion. 

These hubs provide a local point of connection for impact entrepreneurs to the greater regenerative and sustainability movement, while being able to tackle the unique challenges of their bioregion. It also provides a way to close gaps in supply chains by weaving the work of the various entrepreneurs in the bioregion, creating more regenerative economies.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"

Just as Gandhi taught, be the regenerative change this world needs. It all starts with you! Join our free community or enroll in one of our United Learning Lab programs. As a regenpreneur, you are a keystone species, however you are not alone. Let's learn and support each other in our transition towards
regenerative business economies. 

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