Overcome complexity and unlock better decisions for your regenerative enterprise.

The Adaptive Way Yellow Belt course offers tools and methods for navigating uncertainty, aligning your internal compass, and building resilience in a changing world.

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The Adaptive Way - Yellow Belt  Course is Designed for You

Conceptualizing Your Business

Start strong with the right mindset. 'The Adaptive Way - Yellow Belt' course helps you tap into your deepest values and gain clarity on your unique direction, setting up your regenerative business for long-term success.

Validating Your Business Model

Gain confidence in your business model. This course sharpens your intuition and decision-making skills, empowering you to make strategic choices and pivot effectively based on real-world feedback.

Accelerating Your Business's Regenerative Impact

Amplify your impact without compromising your principles. This course helps you make informed, values-driven scaling decisions and stay true to your mission while driving positive change.

Systemizing Your Business for Regenerative Growth

Build a resilient and adaptable business. 'The Adaptive Way - Yellow Belt' course supports you in delegating effectively, fostering strong team dynamics, and making strategic long-term decisions that will sustain your regenerative growth.

What will you accomplish in this course? 

Master the Art of Adaptive Decision-Making: Learn to move beyond traditional models and develop an intuitive, values-driven decision-making framework that thrives in uncertainty. Make clear-headed choices that propel your business forward while staying true to your mission. 

Navigate Complexity with Clarity: Equip yourself with tools to analyze complex situations, identify potential roadblocks, and chart a clear path for your regenerative business. Gain confidence in your ability to navigate change and make strategic decisions even in the face of unforeseen challenges. 

Unleash Your Inner Compass and Align with Your Values: Deepen your self-awareness and discover how your values influence your decision-making. The course helps you align your business goals with your core values, ensuring every choice you make fuels your long-term vision and positive impact.

Ready to unlock confident decision-making and navigate complexity?

Enrollment Is Open!

Enroll in The Adaptive Way Course $49
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 Course Syllabus 

The Nine Units of 
The Adaptive Way:
Yellow-Belt Course

Gain clarity, navigate complexity, and lead your regenerative enterprise with confidence. The Adaptive Way Yellow Belt course builds a strong foundation for navigating the unique challenges of regenerative businesses. These nine core units will guide you towards better decisions, resilience in the face of change, and alignment with your deepest values. This course isn't just about making better business decisions; it's about unlocking your potential as a regenerative entrepreneur. It's about aligning your leadership with your values and creating lasting, positive impact.

Unit 1: Welcome to the Program

Dive into your Adaptive Way journey and set a foundation for personal growth. We begin by distinguishing between technical challenges (those with clear solutions) and adaptive challenges (those requiring shifts in mindset and behavior). You'll gain an overview of the transformative Yellow Belt program and its core elements. We'll also introduce the concept of the Dojo – your safe space for exploration and skill-building. Finally, learn about the role structure within the Dojo and the system of belts and badges, designed to acknowledge your progress along the Adaptive Way.

Unit 2: Overview of the Ground Pattern

Get ready to rewire your decision-making process! In this unit, we'll establish a powerful new ground pattern – a framework to guide your thinking and actions. This becomes your personal map for navigating complex challenges in your regenerative business. You'll learn to identify hidden assumptions that may be limiting your options, uncover behaviors that might be holding you back, and clarify the commitments that will drive your forward momentum.

Unit 3: Choosing Your Aspirational Commitment

Turn your frustrations into fuel for positive action. While complaints can be a valuable signpost, they won't propel your business forward. In this unit, we'll guide you through a process of transforming complaints into clear and empowering aspirational commitments. By focusing on what you truly want, you'll gain clarity, direction, and a renewed sense of purpose within your regenerative enterprise.

Unit 4: Blocking Behaviors

Uncover the hidden patterns that may be sabotaging your progress. In this unit, we'll take an honest look at the behaviors that might be holding you back from reaching your full potential. Ditch the blame and shame! Instead, we'll focus on understanding those patterns with compassion and identifying what works both for and against you as you strive towards your goals. This self-awareness is key to unlocking new levels of success for your regenerative business.

Unit 5: Getting Ready to Spar

Shift from theory to practice! In this unit, we'll differentiate between the two types of dojos: the training dojo for skill-building, and the sparring dojo, where you put your skills to the test. You'll learn the techniques and protocols for effective "sparring" – collaborative sessions with peers where you apply the Adaptive Way patterns to real-world challenges you currently face within your regenerative business. Get ready to gain insights, test your assumptions, and develop practical solutions.

Unit 6 - Hidden Commitments

Unlock the secrets held beneath the surface. In this unit, we'll use the Worry Box technique to shine a light on the hidden commitments that may be unknowingly driving your actions. These commitments have often been reinforced for years, residing deep within your subconscious. We'll explore how they trigger fear-based behaviors that hold you back. By filling your Worry Box, you'll take the first step towards revealing these hidden commitments and freeing yourself from their limiting influence.

Unit 7: Big Assumptions

In this transformative unit, we go deeper! Uncover the core assumptions hidden beneath your commitments – the powerful beliefs that shape your choices and actions. These "Big Assumptions" represent your theory of self and how you perceive the world. By understanding these fundamental narratives, you gain incredible insight into your decision-making process and how to create lasting change within your regenerative enterprise.

Unit 8 - Castle Moves (The Non-Transformational Exit)

Expand your toolkit and chart a new path. Discover the concept of "exits" – the strategic actions you take in response to challenges. We'll delve into "Castle Moves," which temporarily satisfy both your aspirational and hidden commitments. While these moves can provide relief, they don't lead to deep transformation. By understanding Castle Moves, you'll gain clarity on your default patterns, empowering you to consciously choose more fulfilling and impactful strategies aligned with your regenerative mission.

Unit 9 - Your Transformational Exit

The Adaptive Way is your guide to charting new territory within yourself and your business. In this final unit, we focus on a series of experimental steps that lead towards transformational change. This is not a rigid prescription, but a framework for exploration. Embrace the opportunity to learn from your past patterns and consciously experiment with new ways of being. Discover the leader you can become, and unleash the full potential of your regenerative enterprise.

Meet Your Instructor


Graham Boyd

Graham has worked across 7 countries and was previously a manager with P&G in Belgium and China. Since then he has been a serial entrepreneur, leading startups and small growing businesses with the aim to build their human capacity in addressing global challenges. As Founder and CEO of Evolutesix, Graham is driven to help individuals and organisations flourish by supporting them to do more with less friction.


Unlock Confident Decision-Making for Your Regenerative Enterprise

This transformational course unlocks the skills and mindset required to navigate the unique challenges of regenerative businesses. It's a framework we've developed alongside seasoned entrepreneurs, helping them gain clarity, overcome hurdles, and align their leadership with their core values. 

Why this price?

  • Proven Methodology: Our founders have invested years and significant resources developing this decision-making system. Gain access to these powerful tools at a fraction of the cost.
  • Tailored for Impact: Skip the generic business advice. This course focuses on the specific challenges and opportunities faced by regenerative business leaders.
  • Commitment to Accessibility: We're passionate about making "The Adaptive Way" accessible to the growing regenerative economy.

The full value of "The Adaptive Way - Yellow Belt" is $200


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Adaptive Thinking: Uncover your decision-making strengths and blindspots, building a foundation for clarity and resilience.

Systems Thinking: Understand the interconnectedness within your business and the world around it, allowing for informed, impactful choices.

Navigating Complexity: Develop tools to tackle complex problems with confidence and chart a path for your business.

Aligning with Your Values: Make decisions that resonate deeply with your mission and contribute to a better future.

And much more!


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