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Open educational classes given for regenerative entrepreneurs by regenerative entrepreneurs. 

Register for our Open Masterclass Events that are held every month, or as requested by the Seeds of Tao community. During a Masterclass, an expert, elder, or an example we’d like to follow as a regenpreneur, will share their wisdom with us. These Live Masterclasses are then recorded and added to the Pando Academy Commons, a free community resource.
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Each masterclass is recorded as a live digital class. You can either attend the masterclass live or view its recorded version via the Commons. Live Masterclass Events are interactive and often give you the chance to ask questions and get feedback from the expert, elder, or case study example. Recorded events are available for everyone free of charge and are found in your Commons Dashboard, which you can access by logging into or registering for an open account.

What can I expect to learn? 

We only ever endeavor to teach you two things: a beginner’s mind and the interconnectedness of all things. That being said, there are many ways that we can help you to do that. These Masterclasses are meant to help open your mind to new things. When introduced to anything new you are often confronted with the opportunity to approach the new subject with a beginner’s mind and open yourself up for growth. Each masterclass focuses on one of six core tenets of regenerative business. These six core tenets are connected to each other and make up a more holistic view of our regenerative enterprises.

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