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Conceptualizing Your Business

Start strong with the right foundation. The United Learning Lab provides the essential frameworks and mindset shifts needed to clarify your vision, define your values, and map out a sustainable business model aligned with your regenerative mission.

Validating Your Business Model

Gain confidence in your direction. Access courses on market research, customer validation, and prototyping to test your assumptions and iterate your offering. The United Learning Lab helps you make data-informed decisions that ensure you’re building a business with both impact and viability.

Accelerating Your Business's Regenerative Impact

Scale your mission without compromise. The United Learning Lab offers courses on systems thinking, strategic partnerships, and impact measurement. Learn how to grow your business while deepening your positive impact and staying true to your core values.

Systemizing Your Business for Regenerative Growth

Craft a robust, flexible enterprise. Use the United Learning Lab's resources for leadership, team building, and organization. Establish efficient systems, delegate well, and make strategic decisions for the sustained growth of your regenerative business.

What should you expect?

Ongoing Learning & Skill Development: Expand your knowledge across the key pillars of a successful regenerative business. Access expertly-curated courses, workshops, and resources designed to address your evolving needs.

Strategic Decision-Making: Develop the decision-making frameworks and tools to navigate complex challenges confidently, ensuring your choices align with your values and mission.

Community & Collaboration: Connect with like-minded regenerative entrepreneurs, access peer support, and find potential partners to amplify your impact.

Expert Guidance & Accountability: Participate in live Office Hours and get direct support from experienced instructors and mentors. Stay motivated and on track as you implement what you learn within your business.

Confidence & Growth: Build a resilient foundation for your regenerative enterprise. Unlock new levels of leadership, adaptability, and positive impact in the world.

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Yearly Subscription $200 (save $40)
Monthly Subscription $20

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 Lab Courses 

Two Foundational Courses with More on the Way 

Your regenerative business design starts here. Explore a curated library of courses designed to empower you at every stage of your business. Dive into decision-making, finance & funding, marketing, leadership development, systems thinking, and more. The United Learning Lab is your toolkit for regenerative success.


Harness the power of your story to build a thriving regenerative business. The StorySeed course guides you through a transformative process to clarify your message, connect with your ideal audience, and create compelling marketing strategies that align with your mission. Discover how to weave your values into every aspect of your brand, attract passionate customers, and amplify your positive impact on the world.

Adaptive Way:
Yellow Belt

Unlock confident decision-making for your regenerative enterprise. The Adaptive Way equips you with a powerful framework and mindset to navigate the unique challenges of building a thriving regenerative business. Learn to make strategic choices that align with your values, build resilience in the face of change, and navigate complexity with confidence. This course empowers you to become a more effective leader and ensure your business drives lasting positive impact.

More Courses On the Way

Expand your regenerative toolkit! We're adding new courses to the United Learning Lab, empowering you to master essential aspects of building a successful impact-driven enterprise. Coming soon: Deepen your financial expertise with Finance & Funding, understand and leverage Natural Capital Management, streamline your operations with Regenerative Design and Management, and prioritize your own well-being with Personal Development resources specifically for impact entrepreneurs.

Meet Your Instructors


Graham Boyd

Graham has worked across 7 countries and was previously a manager with P&G in Belgium and China. Since then he has been a serial entrepreneur, leading startups and small growing businesses with the aim to build their human capacity in addressing global challenges. As Founder and CEO of Evolutesix, Graham is driven to help individuals and organisations flourish by supporting them to do more with less friction.

Emily Prieto

Emily is an artist, creative designer, and brand strategist who has worked with small and large businesses to create content that shares the brand identity through a compelling message and story. She's worked in various visual mediums such as photography, videography, graphic design, website development, and personal branding for over 7 years. Throughout that time she's also expanded her skills into brand storytelling, content marketing and entrepreneurship. She loves nothing more than helping her fellow impact entrepreneurs develop brands that catch the eye and touch the heart.

Joshua  Prieto

Josh has over 10 years of experience creating, building, and executing marketing systems. His career as a marketer and entrepreneur has helped him to learn sound marketing principles from both the school of hard knocks and involvement with enterprises of all shapes and sizes. Mixed with his passion for regenerative enterprise design, Josh shares how to use your enterprise's message and marketing as a catalyst for social and environmental change. 


Unlock the Power of Your Regenerative Enterprise

The United Learning Lab gives you access to world-class resources designed specifically for impact-driven businesses. Our expertly curated curriculum empowers you to make informed decisions, build resilience, and create lasting positive change.

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  • Community Connection¬†Network with like-minded entrepreneurs, build collaborations, and find a sense of belonging in the regenerative movement.

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Yearly Subscription $200 (save $40)
Monthly Subscription $20