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StorySeed Course Syllabus 

The Six Steps of the Harmonic Storytelling Method

StorySeed has a six-step process we call the Harmonic Storytelling Method (HSM) that takes you from having an unclear brand identity and strategy to strategically scaling your own business, and from feeling alone and isolated in your work, to being an impactful part of the message of your community or movement. This course doesn't just teach you to build effective marketing and messaging for your business, it helps you to create harmony in the world through your message and marketing.    

Step 1:
Brand Identity

The StorySeed course starts off by developing one of the two most important characters in brand storytelling. That is the character and identity of your brand. The brand's archetype, purpose, how it interacts with the world, and the actual actions it takes to serve its heroes are all built out in Step 1. 

Step 2: 
Hero Identity

Next, we identify who your ideal client is and the market you serve. This is the 2nd character in brand storytelling and they are the hero of the story. We'll conduct our market research and understand our hero's wants, desires, pains and challenges better than they understand them themselves. 

Step 3: 
Story Writing

Now that we've developed the characters that will exist in our brand's story we're going to script and write it. This is the story of our hero's (ideal client's) transformation from where they are to where they want to be as they take us up on our offers and engage with our brand. 

Step 4: 
Systems Design

With our hero's journey story scripted and written we now build the marketing systems that allow our story to be effective in the market. Here we will build our marketing strategy, the content systems that will allow us to articulate our story and the distribution systems that will allow us to bring that story to the right people at the right time in the right place. 

Step 5: 
Story Scaling

With our story now living in the world through the marketing systems we built we are now going to scale our story to reach more and do more. In step 5 we learn how to automate our marketing efforts and progressively build a marketing team that helps us grow our business through the brand and the narrative it tells. 

Step 6:
Story Weaving

The final step in HSM draws on each prior step to collaborative weave the narrative we've built for our brand with the brand's of others working within the movements you are involved in. We'll learn to build collaborative marketing campaigns that lift up each brand involved while bringing greater awareness to the collective narrative of the movements we are a part of. 


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Be One the First 500 Pioneers!

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