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Episode 105: Combating the Greenwashing of the Regenerative Movement with Emily and Josh Prieto

cultural forces & flows em & josh marketing and message Jan 18, 2023
Greenwashing the Regenerative Movement

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What comes to your mind when I say greenwashing, blue-washing, pink-washing, or social-washing?

In this podcast, we will be discussing the challenges facing regenerative entrepreneurs in 2023, including the problem of greenwashing in the regenerative movement. We will explore the desires of entrepreneurs, investors, and consumers for more regenerative and responsible products and services. We will also examine the problem of greenwashing and the lack of clear standards, policies, and regulations in the regenerative movement. We will discuss how strong regenerative brands with a clear sense of identity can guide us out of this problem by helping to bring clarity to the standards, metrics, regulations and policies needed. The podcast will also provide guidance on how brands should present themselves, including an easily identifiable personality and a strong purpose and direction. We will also explore how to create transparency and the ability to track and hold brands accountable.

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Emily Prieto - LinkedIn Profile

Emily is an explorer for the new creative solarpunk world and catalyst for regenerative economies and permanent cultures (permacultures). As the co-founder of Seeds of Tao she helps create experiences and opportunities for entrepreneurs to build strong regenerative enterprises. She is an artist, creative designer, and brand strategist who has worked with small and large businesses to create content that shares the brand identity through a compelling message and story. Using her creative design talent, Emily has also become a permaculture land designer, helping to design both commercial and residential lands for long-term regenerative change. She fluently speaks Spanish and English, adores Latin-American culture and chooses to build community and regenerative stewardship in the rainforests of Central America alongside her husband and four children.

Joshua Prieto - LinkedIn Profile

Josh is the co-founder and CEO of Seeds of Tao an education and incubation company for regenerative entrepreneurs. If you ask him the purpose of SoT, he’ll tell you it is to create paths to a more inclusive, fair, and balanced economy. He feels a special kind of entrepreneur is the key to that path. In the past he has felt discouraged, disappointed, and confused by the extractive and degenerative practices of the businesses he has helped during his career as an entrepreneur and marketing strategist. When he found the regenerative and permaculture movement he realized that if entrepreneurs used regenerative principles and practices in their business our economy and culture would change from an extractive, degenerative one to a consciously regenerative one. Today he focuses on building up and increasing the number of regenerative entrepreneurs through open education services and incubator programs. He would absolutely love it if you joined him in his efforts.