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106: Keri Evjy Regenpreneur Startup Story

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  • Pando Academy Commons: An open community of regenerative entrepreneurs creating change through the business they start, build, and grow.

Hello and welcome back for a special bonus episode this month. Keri Evjy joins us for a beautiful exploration of her regenerative startup story and what led her to start not only one but four regenerative businesses. We’ll talk about the healing power nature and the outdoors has been in her life, how moments that test and stretch us help define and strengthen us, and of course, the origins of Keri’s two current business and lessons learned from two other businesses she moved on from.

Episode show notes:

  • Regenerative Life Design: Keri’s new startup is helping folks not only design land, but our lives, in a regenerative way.
  • Healing Roots Design: Keri’s first and ongoing land design business. In her story, she shares how she came into doing land design work and how that work also evolved into her...
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