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Episode 052: One Year Anniversary and the Future Care World Report

Uncategorized Sep 08, 2020

Welcome back to another episode of the Seeds of Tao Podcast - we’ve officially hit our year mark - HOORAY! Thanks to all of you who have been listening and cheering us on from the beginning, as well as those of you who have hopped on along the way. We really hope that as you listen to the podcast, read the blog posts, and get involved in the community on Slack that you will find greater balance and inspiration as you move along your personal regenerative journey.

The Danger of Imbalance

In this episode, Josh talked a lot about some key insights from the recent PINA Leadership Summit, and how they brought up the imbalance among the three ethics these days in the permaculture sphere. They noticed, as we have, the intense focus on Earth Care. That’s usually how people discover permaculture, through its unique approach to gardening and regenerating the land. And yet oftentimes People Care and Future Care are either neglected, or just not focused on as much. The problem is, if we don’t focus on taking care of the people involved in the movement, or the future generations of the movement, all our efforts will be less effective. We need to take care of the people now and in the future if we truly want this movement to grow and continue forward. 

Finding Balance

But how do we truly find that balance between the ethics and practice permaculture in a lasting way? As many of you heard from earlier episodes, Josh and I found out through our own trial by fire that you must start by taking care of yourself if you hope to create the lasting impact you desire. It is the same when it comes to designing a space, you must start with your Zone 0 - in this case that means your mindset. Only after you master your mindset will you be able to extend that sphere of influence to your home, and then outward towards your community. Expanding through one Zone at a time keeps you from diving in deeper than you have capacity for, because your mindset will ALWAYS be a bottleneck if it is not strengthened. 

Moving Forward to the Next Level

In the episode we talked a lot about moving to the next level, and how it’s really hard when you set big goals for yourself because those goals are dwelling at a higher level than you currently are. There is a stretching that happens there on your journey from one level to the next, that includes a “Coming Apart,” or state of disorder, before we reach that next highest level. While the Come Apart is uncomfortable and extremely challenging, we must push through it if we want to elevate our current level in order to reach our dreams. We really love this video from YouTube that shows this principle in the wild, where a plate is hooked up to a tone generator, and it shows how increased frequency creates disorder (i.e. the Come Apart) before coming together to express an increasingly complex pattern (i.e. capacity and personal frequency level). As we raise our personal level we will find our capacity for impact increasing as well. 

 Taking One Step Forward

So how are we, as part of a global regenerative movement, supposed to move forward and increase our impact? How are we supposed to become more balanced? We must raise the level of the areas of our life where we are lacking - we have found that is often People Care, as in Personal People Care (mindset). That is a fabulous place to start. We need to start reprogramming the negative dialogue in our minds, empower ourselves to grow, and let go of the obstacles that are holding us back. If that is a journey you feel the need to start on, we recommend going through our FREE Dreamcatcher Mini-Course and then moving on to our StorySeed Marketing and Messaging Course. These resources will give you the tools you need to master your personal Zone 0, so you can increase your potential for impact in all of your other zones.


Keep pushing forward, keep learning, and keep growing!


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