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Episode 017: Manifesting Your Permaculture Dream with Alan Rafael Seid

Dec 31, 2019


Manifesting Your Permaculture Dream


On today’s Episode 016 of the Seeds of Tao Podcast we have Alan Rafael Seid with us, a master of mindset and creating harmony in the permaculture space. He’s got a beautiful piece of property in Washington State, and a wonderful story, as you will hear in the episode. In today’s blog post, we’re going to dive into a big topic that Alan brought up and kept circling back to in the episode - manifesting. But first, Alan shared his amazing endeavors with his business Kalapa, which you can learn more about here. He also talked about the compass rose he created related to Positive Change Agents and Positive Change Agents ...


What Exactly is Manifesting?


The term “manifesting” is kind of a crazy buzz word lately. Honestly, it’s not my favorite word. Oftentimes the term is directly related to the Law of Attraction, which definitely has its merits and value, but also often leaves people in the "wish hard enough and it will come true” kind of mentality. Now, we’re all about the positive affirmations/declarations, lucid visioning etc., but it’s part of the picture. As Alan said in the interview, “The universe wants us clear, but also in action.”


Everyone looks at manifesting a little differently, so here’s our take here at Seeds of Tao, our 5 Step Process to manifesting the life you dream of.


Step 1 - Understand Yourself


Observe, and THEN interact, that one of our permie mantras. Moving forward with a goal or vision without understanding where you’re at will create much more work to move forward. You need to have a clear picture of who you are, your strengths and weaknesses, the obstacles you face, and your personal WHY. 


The clearer you can get with where you’re at, and understand the positive and negative dialogue going on in the back of your mind, the more you can start controlling that dialogue and develop a deep understanding of yourself. With that understanding comes harmony and a greater ability to accomplish your dreams.


You must see the obstacles before you in order to overcome them. And you must understand yourself to figure out where you can go next.


There are six aspects of this, understanding our thoughts and emotions, identifying and overcoming the pain body, building a sensitivity to your energy and vibration, practicing discovery techniques to change the negative thoughts into positive ones, changing your story of where you are and where you’re going, and creating lucid visions to move forward with.


Not taking this time to develop a deep understanding of yourself will result in wasted time spinning your wheels, or seeking after things that don’t truly fulfill you.

Step 2 - Understanding Your Environment


In order to know your personal legend and where you should go, it’s imperative that you understand the environment around you.


This is like setting out for a hike, and you know the destination but have no idea about the terrain you will need to cover on the way there. Should you pack snow gear? A swimsuit? Or sun protection? The terrain will drastically alter the experience of the hike and your success of completion.


As we have obstacles within ourselves, we also face obstacles in the environment. Understanding your environment makes it possible to see what is working in your favor or against you, outside of yourself, your control, and your influence.


Where do you fit into the world? What are your relationships like? What roles do you fill? What resources are available to you and where are the drawbacks with those resources?


Creating a deep understanding of your “terrain” helps you to have a clearer picture of what it will take to accomplish those amazing permaculture dreams of yours.

Step 3 - Systematic Planning


Bringing the unmanifested into the manifested takes planning and visualization, powers of creation really. Without bringing your dreams into the realm of action, they will stay just that - dreams. Bridging that gap means taking your dreams and visions, and making them so lucid that you can almost hold them, and then moving forward on them. As Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”


This is a place where things go really right, or really wrong. This is where mindset meets project management, and they create a beautiful, powerful hybrid to make dreams come true.


You must start with the mindset, taking the lucid visions and fleshing them out, and then implementing them into a project management system that is actionable, trackable, and doable while maintaining focus and enthusiasm. 

Step 4 - Habit Training


Once you have your amazing lucid vision, and your actionable plan to make it happen, a new level of work begins. This step is all about building habits for success like consistency and presence. Your habits will make or break you. They have much more power than people realize. By being intentional with the habit you are building, you take a new level of control of your life, and allow yourself to dwell at higher levels of vibration. This will allow you to find joy in the journey, even when things get hard. Habits can be a grounding, uplifting force for those who them to build themselves into better people.


There are very specific things that we can do to set ourselves up for success with our habits and give ourselves the tools to come out of the inevitable pits we will fall into here and there.


Some of the most important habits to build are related to emotional management. If you can develop habits to identify and remove the negative thoughts and emotions from yourself, and refill yourself with positive energy, you will drastically increase your speed to manifest the life you want to have, and the dreams you want to reach.

Step 5 - Be the Change


Once you’ve developed the habits that link back to the lucid visions your created of your dreams, with a path through the terrain around you, and resonate with who you are and where you want to go, it’s time to start creating ripples in the world around you. This is where amazing things fall into place.


There are so many people in the world, walking around, completely unconscious, not contributing to the greater world. But that’s not flying anymore, the world needs us to show up and empower each other. When we do that, our personal power increases tenfold, and we are able to create a tribe around us that helps us to reach our dreams, as we help them.


Tapping into the amazing give and receive cycles of the universe allows us to be empowered like nothing else can empower us.


This is where things start to fall into line. Where massive change starts happening, and our powers of creation and manifesting start approaching their potential. 


Keep manifesting!


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