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Episode 024: What’s the Story on Permaculture?

Feb 18, 2020


What's the Story on Permaculture?

We have a few podcast episodes under our belt now and have been sharing some awesome stories of permies in action. Lately, however, we've been talking with a lot of people who aren't fully engaged in permaculture. Maybe they have knowledge and even a PDC completed, but don't feel like they are living permaculture really. Some used to be super into permaculture, and then migrated into the urban space to work on something completely differently. There are many different, individual cases of course, but at the end of the day there are a lot of permies who don't feel like they are really living a permaculture lifestyle, and oftentimes they feel alone in their sustainability efforts.

We've found that many permies feel this way because they are disconnect from the global permaculture conversation, the global STORY. But there's not really a central place we can go to get an idea of where permaculture is at and where it's going. So we're taking it on to turn into narrative journalists and bring you stories from around the globe on permaculture, to give you a look at permaculture as a global movement.

Connecting the Dots

Why does it matter that we see a global view of the permaculture movement?

We all know the permaculture principle of "Integrate Rather than Segregate." It's important to combine forces to produce a greater outcome whether that's in our gardens, our homes, our communities, or as a global movement. If we stay disconnected from each other, how are we supposed to effectively advance as a movement?

Spread out pieces of permaculture influence will only go so far if we cannot truly band together and create a global community.

Moving Beyond Sustainability

Sustainability is a huge buzz word these days. And while it's tied to permaculture, permaculture moves beyond that realm. Sustainability is to hold the line, to be able to continue doing exactly what you're doing, to replicate the system, the resource, the strategy. But permaculture lends itself to regeneration. Not just holding the line but prospering. 

This is why we need to be able to band together as a global community, to move beyond the realm of holding the line and making things sustainable, but truly creating systems that will continue to grow and improve.

But What Can I Do?

We want to hear your story. Yes, yours Mr. or Ms. "I don't have a story." Everyone has a story, and we want to gather those stories from around the world so that through the podcast we can create a global communication network for the permaculture movement. So here's what you can do, click on the link below and fill out our survey, it all starts there.


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