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Episode 044: People Care World Report - The Great Awakening

Jul 07, 2020

Welcome back to another episode of the World Report, this time focusing on People Care... which is rather ironic considering the social unrest as of late across the U.S. over George Floyd's death. It seemed very timely to address this issue, so rampant throughout the country, and really, the world - racial inequality.

Josh went into plenty of detail in the podcast episode about the issues we're facing and the shift that needs to happen, in our own minds at first, so here we're going to address more of the resources he mentioned in the podcast to help you jump start your personal research on the topic.

First off, it is ESSENTIAL to point out that the recent unrest is NOT simply cops vs. African Americans. Here's a snippet from the news showing that that isn't where we are drawing battle lines.

Here's the article discussing the fear in the White House over the protests outside the gates, and an argument to not punish the police force for the brutal actions of a few, here.

Also, if you're interested in learning more about the officers involved in Floyd's death, this article gives a detailed background of their history, and their current situation. It's pretty interesting to have further context to the situation.


With all the unrest and dissonance in the country, it all comes down to yourself and what you can do to relieve yourself of false beliefs, and have a greater understanding for those around you. We HIGHLY suggest picking up some books that will snap you out of your personal paradigm and increase your scope of the world. Here are a few great books to start with...

Here is one of our FAVORITE videos on YouTube we've been sharing all over the place about the Great Realization that is and will be taking place...

 Unfortunately, being in the thralls of a pandemic doesn't help the rising levels of anxiety and aggression that are abounding right now. Right now it's kind of the "perfect storm" for unrest. And it doesn't look like it's getting better very soon, the University of Washington estimates 145,000 U.S. COVID-19 deaths by August.

So what is one to do with the craziness in the world? Curl up and cry? Get mad and hurt people? No. We need to start with better understanding ourselves, and those around us before we act.

There are many AMAZING resources to help open your mind and educate you more about the racial issues we're still dealing with. And if you'd like to take that knowledge and put it to use in a productive form, definitely look into non-violent communication to do so. 

If you enjoy learning through books, check out this one about non-violent communication that you can grab online.


So get out there! Read a book, educate yourselves and then go do the best thing you possibly can - service!

Keep Growing and Serving!


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