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Episode 079: The Giving and Receiving of Living Intentionally with Chloe Buzzotta and Leonie Brien

regenpreneur startup story Mar 09, 2021

This week we have two wonderful women on the podcast. I do love that alliteration “wonderful women” and it fits quite well for Leonie and Chloe. They have worked together as a couple to create an amazing and needed business together where they help educate and empower people to create intentional communities all over the world. The business is Whole Systems Network and they have a course coming up real soon on March 16th called Grounding Your Village Course. If you’ve ever thought of or would like to start your own intentional community or ecovillage then you really do have to give this a look. It’s quite comprehensive and they have a number of experts to cover just about everything you need to know about the process and work of building an IC.