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Episode 081: Finding the Meaning of Value Within our Living Systems with Juan Daza

organizational management regenpreneur startup story Mar 23, 2021

It amazes me how many wonderful people are doing work they are called to do within the umbrella of permaculture, regeneration, and whatever label you can put on the work of caring for people, the planet and the future. What amazes me, even more, is that there is so much diversity in this work. Not one person that I have interviewed is going about their journey towards regeneration in the same way. We are hopefully moving forward along the same path, but everyone has their own way of doing so. 


Juan Daza Arévalo definitely has his own approach to creating the change he wishes to see and it is one we can all learn from. In our interview, Juan shares a part of his journey in finding value within any living system we interact with and using that value to create solutions for the future. He uses his experience as a businessman and his understanding as a permaculturist to find that value and discover the solutions that are linked to it. For those that may not have a background in business operations and project management there may be pieces of Juan’s story that harder to grasp, but as you hear words like Agile, art of hosting, sociocracy, and lean change management we might want to give them a google. In the blog post that will follow I hope to do a bit of that work for you. 

Here are some references you can use to get the most out of Juan’s Story: