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Episode 084: Getting Past Borrowed Dreams and Burnout as a Regenpreneur With Anamaria Aristizabal

Uncategorized Apr 13, 2021

Hey regenpreneur friends... Have you ever reached burnout with your work? I never thought it would be possible when doing purpose-driven work, but it can happen even when you're doing work that you're passionate about. Today we have an amazing guest that dives deep with us and takes us all on a journey of reflection. I guess I can only speak for myself, but I definitely recognized the moments in my life where I wasn't living my authentic self and had reached burnout. Maybe you're there and this episode is just for you or maybe you can use this episode as a cautionary tale and "what to do" when you feel like you're approaching burnout. Whatever the case, Anamaria and I hope it is of help to you. Please enjoy =) 

If you're wanting to stay in touch with Anamaria and/or dive into more of her work come check out the following links: 



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