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Episode 091: Discovering the Organic Effect with Milt McGiffen

regenpreneur startup story Jun 29, 2021

Hey regen friends! We have another great interview this week with Milt McGiffen. He shares his story with us on how he worked to understand what this organic effect really is. As regenerative and permaculture folks we get it and are even helping the rest of the world move beyond organic, but we had to start somewhere when it came to understanding soil health and why we shouldn't just nuke everything with chemical inputs. Milt's story dives into a bit of the research that has happened over the years to get us to the point we are now.

Milt is a university researcher and educator at UCR. His focus is to help those in the agriculture industry and especially those working to find regenerative solutions. If you have questions or ways you'd like to weave his research with your work reach out to Milt at [email protected]. He's a very approachable guy and a huge advocate for regenpreneurs around the world.