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Episode 095: Moving Towards Regenerative Design and Away From "Sustainable" Band-Aid Fix Design with Julian Loren

cultural forces & flows regenpreneur startup story Jul 27, 2021
Regenerative design - Seeds of Tao

We've all done it at some point in our life - taken the shortcut that led to an unexpected detour, opted for the "easy solution" that turned into an unavoidable problem, or created a band-aid fix that turned an urgent challenge into an outright crisis. Regardless of how we came to our biggest "oops," regenerative and holistic design is one definite way we learn from our mistakes and help others not to make them again. 

This is where Julian's story began. Julian Loren started his environmental career off by building giant Band-Aid solutions to solve urgent problems. What he found was that there is no Band-Aid solution, but there are ways to regeneratively design our economy and systems. 

Come dive into Julian's podcast episode. We'll explore systems design, how we might look at it more holistically, what implications it has on our future, and more importantly how we can help our youth tackle systems change.

You can check out some resources we bring into our conversation and follow Julian's work on the web below.