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Episode 097: Stacking Functions and Scaling Down with Eli Whipple

Uncategorized Aug 10, 2021

It's been an absolute joy getting to know Eli over the past couple of months as we've run into each other at Regenerative Pollination events, Clubhouse conversations, and Think Tank discussions. On Clubhouse we've (at least a couple of times) been in a room together with those less involved in the regenerative movement and have been able to stand as a duo for regenerative change. It's a sweet Mormon missionary feeling when you alongside a companion help others see the light of the regenerative movement. 

Not surprisingly our conversation for this interview was absolutely timely and furthers the narrative for regenerative entrepreneurs across the globe. Eli is a founder, catalyst, and inventor that is decentralizing the manufacturing industry. Basically, he's turning a massively extractive system into one that densely provides value by stacking functions and empowering small-scale producers. 

Sound interesting? Of course, it is! Come listen to Eli's story on the podcast and get involved in what he's up to. You can find him on his Clubhouse club called Decentralized MFG and don't forget to sign up for his newsletter on his website at EthanolRevolution.com 


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