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Episode 101: Weaving the world's regenerators with Lauren Minis

cultural forces & flows Dec 21, 2021
Weaving the world's regenerators

In so many ways there is a strong desire for humans to connect and weave our lives into the greater tapestry of everything living. Reaching out and finding connections is a part of our nature. The more connected we become in our lives the more resilient and strong we are both individually and collectively. When we connect with neighbors, we build personal friendships and resilient communities. When we connect with nature, we energize ourselves and find our place in the cosmos. 

There is always a micro and macro perspective to consider when we observe our interconnectedness to one another. How does the interconnected network of our world's regenerators look like? What sort of pattern appears when a collective movement thinks global and acts local? Our good friend Lauren Minis has been uncovering the answers to these questions and more. You'll have to tune in to Episode 101 as we explore her story as a regenerative entrepreneur who is helping us to weave our regenerative work together.