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Episode 115: Morag Gamble Regenpreneur Story - Design Your Life and Business as a Regenerative Force

cultural forces & flows regenpreneur startup story May 05, 2023
Morag Gamble is on the Seeds of Tao Podcast talking about designing your life and business as a regenerative force

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This week we have Morag Gamble on the Podcast for the second time! Morag first joined us on the podcast in episode 28 where both Morag and Michael Ney advocated for and shared their experiences of living in intentional communities. Today, we are diving into her wonderful story of how she became regenerative entrepreneur. Morag shares that entrepreneurship wasn’t the likely career she or her parents originally had in mind. However she knew in heart that the immersive process of building a regenerative enterprise was for her and it has become her greatest opportunity to create the change she wishes to see for herself, family, community, and beyond.

Join us as we explore how Morag has designed her life and business in accordance with regenerative principles. We’ll talk about the business side of things as usually, but also the personal and family dynamic that comes with being an impact entrepreneur. Let her story inspire you to do what your passionate about, create the impact you desire, and influence those around you to do the same. Thanks Morag for being such a wonderful example.

Resources Morag Mentions:

ETHOS Foundation - the charity she runs to help with regenerative projects in Africa

Permaculture Education Institute - PEI is a social enterprise offering comprehensive online permaculture design and permaculture teacher education programs that are firmly based in the permaculture ethics of earth care, people care and future care. These programs are designed to support people around the world to live well, regenerate the earth and allow permaculture to inform not just their lifestyle but their livelihood too.

Show Notes:

  • 2:30 Morag shares a thought on the latest IPCC Reports, much of what was shared as possible solutions to climate change are based in regenerative practices. A great win for those already advocating and applying.
  • 5:00 Morag shares her early life with her family in Australia, sowing the early seeds of conscious living and connectivity with nature
  • 10:50 Morag shares her dive into landscape architecture in university, desiring further connection between people and nature, and being truly let down, then leaving to find another university that further aligned with her vision
  • 14:20 Morag discusses her transition after university, running away to India, and starting her journey in regenerative entrepreneurship
  • 22:00 Morag talks about the start of creating a family of her own while on your permaculture journey
  • 27:00 Morag shares her believe in how we can create large-scale change, through local leaders everywhere
  • 32:20 Morag discusses building a business while having a family
  • 40:00 Morag talks about being grounded in life, tending to our roots while focusing on the fruits
  • 47:00 Morag shares her take on applying the principles of regeneration to her business
  • 54:00 Morag talks about her transition into more of an elder situation, and how she takes that responsibility on
  • 58:00 Morag discusses her own challenges as an entrepreneur, from selling to adapting to the digital world
  • 1:04:00 Morag shares about being flexible to the changing seasons in our lives and businesses
  • 1:09:00 Morag talks about including her kids in her work


Guest Bio:

Morag Gamble - LinkedIn Profile

For the past 30 years as a Global Permaculture Ambassador, Morag Gamble has led programs in 22 countries. Local food systems and permaculture education have seen her teach in communities and universities around the globe – most recently at Schumacher College in England – and leading a Food Politics course at Griffith University.

Morag lives amidst an award-winning permaculture education garden in a UN recognised permaculture village, and works with city farmers, school farmers, community gardeners, and educators.

She sees the direct social and ecological impact of industrial farming on marginalised farming communities around the world – in Indonesia, India and most recently in East Africa.


Host Bio:

Emily Prieto - LinkedIn Profile

Emily is an explorer for the new creative solarpunk world and catalyst for regenerative economies and permanent cultures (permacultures). As the co-founder of Seeds of Tao she helps create experiences and opportunities for entrepreneurs to build strong regenerative enterprises. She is an artist, creative designer, and brand strategist who has worked with small and large businesses to create content that shares the brand identity through a compelling message and story. Using her creative design talent, Emily has also become a permaculture land designer, helping to design both commercial and residential lands for long-term regenerative change. She fluently speaks Spanish and English, adores Latin-American culture and chooses to build community and regenerative stewardship in the rainforests of Central America alongside her husband and four children.

Blog Post:

In this podcast episode, we had the pleasure of chatting with Morag Gamble, a renowned regenerative entrepreneur and permaculture educator. Morag shared her journey of connecting with nature from a young age, studying landscape architecture in university, and eventually becoming a regenerative entrepreneur. Throughout the episode, Morag shared invaluable insights into building a business while staying grounded in life and tending to our roots.

One of the key takeaways from our conversation with Morag was the power of regenerative practices in addressing climate change. Morag pointed out that many of the solutions to climate change put forth in the latest IPCC report are based on regenerative practices. As such, regenerative entrepreneurship is not only good for business but also good for the planet.

Morag also discussed her early life in Australia and how her family instilled in her a deep appreciation for nature and conscious living. This led her to study landscape architecture in university, but she was disappointed to find that the curriculum did not align with her vision of creating deeper connections between people and nature. This experience led her to switch universities and eventually start her own business centered around regenerative practices.

Throughout the episode, Morag emphasized the importance of being grounded in life and tending to our roots while focusing on the fruits. She also discussed the challenges of building a business while raising a family, and how she involved her kids in her work. Morag's belief in creating large-scale change through local leaders everywhere is a testament to her commitment to regenerative entrepreneurship.

As Morag transitions into more of an elder situation, she takes on the responsibility of passing on her knowledge and experience to the next generation of entrepreneurs. She believes that applying the principles of regeneration to business can lead to a more sustainable future for all. Morag's ability to be flexible and adaptable to changing seasons in life and business is an inspiration to us all.

In conclusion, Morag Gamble's journey and insights into regenerative entrepreneurship offer valuable lessons for anyone interested in building a business centered around sustainability and conscious living. By staying grounded in life, tending to our roots, and embracing regenerative practices, we can create a brighter future for ourselves and for generations to come.