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Episode 125: Jesse Fisher Regenpreneur Story - Cultivating Resiliency and Prosperity through Intentional Communities

regenpreneur startup story Jul 28, 2023
Jesse Fisher is a guest on the Seeds of Tao Podcast Episode 125

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In Episode 125 of the Seeds of Tao Podcast, get ready to be inspired by Jesse Fisher's incredible Regenpreneur Story! 🌱🏡 Discover how he cultivates resiliency and prosperity through intentional communities, sharing valuable lessons from building a cooperative town during a global recession. Jesse's experiences, including the remarkable story of Mondragon, will leave you motivated to embrace cooperative principles and manifest positive change in your own life. Don't miss this captivating episode where Jesse shares his wisdom and empowers us to create a more regenerative world! 🌍💚🎧

Show Notes:

  1. An Intentional Community of 200 (3:59)

    • It's an agricultural coop.
  2. Why Jesse is Helping Build a Regenerative Town (7:32)

    • During a recession, Jesse discovered coops and got inspired to build a town using cooperative organizations.
    • The Brigham City Story of building a town during tough times and surviving a global recession.
    • Found Philip Gleeson, the founder of OSR (Operation Self-Reliance), while trying to build community coops.
    • Became the 16th shareholder without having land yet.
  3. Story of the Mondragon Spain Coop (17:59)

    • An entire town based around a coop where the only job was to be a miner.
    • Set up a school to teach cooperative free enterprise.
    • Over 200 coops running the economy of the town.
  4. The Lessons Learned from Town 1 to Town 2 (26:23)

    • Know the people you are dealing with.
    • Understand human behavior to help the community succeed.
    • Emphasize more and better training for board members.
    • Solve problems through entrepreneurial endeavors.
  5. What Jesse Hopes Others Will Take Away from His Story (47:05)

    • The power of manifestation and the magic of Wishcraft.
  6. How to Stay in Touch and What to Follow (1:10:31)



Guest Bio:

Jesse Fisher - LinkedIn Profile

All my life's personal and professional experiences and interests led me to join the "Operation Self-Reliance" non-profit land development initiative, or OSR, in 2019. OSR assists families to achieve greater independence, safety, preparedness and family unity through engaging in some level of food production -- from backyard urban homesteading to multi-acre self-reliant rural farmsteads surrounded by others doing the same.

While reading about the economic history of Utah, I learned that Brigham City, Utah, during the 1870s, had overcome all the downsides of dog-eat-dog Competitive Free Enterprise. When I learned that they:
- Converted their town's entire economy to Cooperative Free Enterprise,
- Achieved 100% employment,
- Built homes for all the widows,
- Provided food, shelter, and work for the homeless, and
- Had their best year ever during the world-wide recession of 1873,
I asked myself, "Why aren't we building towns like this today?"

And now, I am.
And, if you inherited your pioneer ancestors' can-do resolve,
I invite you to join us recreating that economic miracle.

Learn how "Operation Self-Reliance" got started and about its progress today:


Host Bio:

Joshua Prieto - LinkedIn Profile

We help impact entrepreneurs to start, grow and scale their regenerative enterprises.

You want to change the world… We all do in one form or another. You might have taken that Gandhi quote to heart, to "Be the change you wish to see in the world." The challenge is creating a livelihood that allows us to be that change while finding growth for ourselves and our loved ones. Where do you start? How do you start?

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Blog Post: Cultivating Resilience and Self-Reliance through Regenerative Communities

In a world where challenges seem to grow by the day, the concept of fostering resilience and self-reliance has become more crucial than ever. Enter regenerative communities – a powerful movement that embraces cooperative principles, sustainability, and intentional living. In this blog post, we will explore how these communities are nurturing resilience and self-reliance, paving the way for a more sustainable and empowered future.

  1. A Beacon of Unity in Uncertain Times: Regenerative communities are intentional gatherings of individuals who come together to create a shared vision of sustainable living. By pooling resources, knowledge, and skills, these communities foster a sense of unity and mutual support, standing as beacons of hope in the face of uncertainty.

  2. Building a Thriving Ecosystem: At the core of regenerative communities lies the philosophy of cooperation rather than competition. Members work collaboratively, building an ecosystem that supports each other's well-being and growth. This approach cultivates resilience as challenges are tackled collectively, and solutions are born from the wisdom of the community.

  3. Embracing Permaculture and Sustainable Practices: Regenerative communities often adopt permaculture principles and sustainable practices to ensure they live in harmony with nature. From organic farming to renewable energy solutions, these communities demonstrate the power of self-reliance by producing their food and energy, reducing their reliance on external systems.

  4. The Power of Shared Knowledge and Learning: In regenerative communities, learning is a constant process. Skills are shared, and knowledge is freely exchanged, empowering each member to take on various roles within the community. This multi-skilled approach builds self-reliance as individuals become more capable of addressing challenges that come their way.

  5. Nurturing Emotional Resilience and Mental Well-being: Being part of a regenerative community offers emotional support and a sense of belonging, vital components in fostering emotional resilience. In times of hardship, community members can lean on each other, knowing that they are not alone in facing life's trials.

  6. Thriving Through Collaboration, Not Competition: Regenerative communities operate on the belief that collaboration is more potent than competition. Instead of seeking individual gain, members work together to find solutions that benefit everyone. This paradigm shift fosters a strong sense of community and ensures that no one is left behind.

  7. Sustainable Economy and Local Trade: Many regenerative communities emphasize local trade and a sustainable economy. By supporting local businesses and artisans, these communities reduce their dependence on distant supply chains, fostering self-reliance and resilience in times of economic uncertainty.

As we face the challenges of a rapidly changing world, the concept of resilience and self-reliance has taken center stage. Regenerative communities embody these values, providing a blueprint for sustainable living and empowered coexistence. Through cooperation, shared knowledge, and a commitment to sustainable practices, these communities showcase the immense power of collective action. By embracing this regenerative mindset, we can all play a part in building a more resilient, self-reliant, and thriving world for generations to come. 🌱🌍💚