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Episode 128: Narrative Weaving - Uniting Regenerative Voices

em & josh marketing and message Aug 15, 2023
Seeds of Tao Podcast, Collaborative Marketing

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Join us in Episode 128 of the Seeds of Tao Podcast, where we explore the art of collaborative storytelling for impact entrepreneurs. From shaping internal narratives within teams to embracing collective movements, we delve into the four quadrants that interlace personal and collective stories. Discover how these interconnected tales cultivate regenerative businesses and contribute to a vibrant tapestry of transformation. Tune in as we unravel the power of collaborative storytelling in crafting a more harmonious world.

Show Notes:

  1. Segment 1: Understanding the Four Quadrants
    • Introduce the concept of the four quadrants of collaborative storytelling.
    • Explain the visual framework (X-axis: collective vs. individual stories, Y-axis: internal vs. external collaboration).
  2. Segment 2: Internal Collaboration - Quadrants 1 and 2
    • Dive into the first two quadrants focused on internal collaboration.
    • Discuss how storytelling within the team and organization contributes to both individual and collective narratives.
  3. Segment 3: Becoming Part of the Collective Narrative
    • Explore the transition from internal collaboration to external collaboration.
    • Explain the significance of joining the collective narrative of movements and cultures.
    • Highlight the idea that individual stories are interconnected and contribute to a larger transformation.
  4. Segment 4: Collaboration with Fellow Guides
    • Discuss the connections formed with other Guides and their Heroes.
    • Use the tapestry metaphor to illustrate the interwoven narratives.
    • Emphasize the value of gaining market understanding and storytelling effectiveness through these connections.
  5. Segment 5: Tapping into Collective Movements
    • Delve deeper into the concept of tapping into existing movements.
    • Explain how participation in movements offers a broader perspective and voice.
    • Discuss the gradual process of integrating one's story into the larger transformation narrative.
  6. Segment 6: External Collaboration and the Bigger Picture
    • Explore the final two quadrants focused on external collaboration.
    • Highlight the Distribution Team's role in collaborating externally on the Hero's journey story.
    • Discuss how this collaboration unveils the company's transformative impact and contributes to the grand design.
  7. Segment 7: Embracing Collaborative Storytelling
    • Reiterate the value of collaborative storytelling in regenerative entrepreneurship.
    • Discuss the importance of understanding the interconnectedness of narratives for creating a larger impact.
    • Encourage listeners to explore the potential of their stories within the collaborative framework.
  8. Conclusion: Uniting Narratives for Impact
    • Summarize the key takeaways from the episode.
    • Reinforce the idea that collaborative storytelling leads to a more comprehensive representation of transformation.
    • Express enthusiasm for listeners' continued exploration of collaborative storytelling and their role in regenerative economies.

Host Bio:

Joshua Prieto - LinkedIn Profile

Josh is the Co-Founder and Director of the Seeds of Tao learning platform for regenerative entrepreneurs. He has over 10 years of experience creating, building, and operating startup solutions alongside entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes. That experience has shown him that entrepreneurs have the biggest role to play in the Anthropocene as we either create the solutions for, or become the root problem of, our people, planet, and future. Josh now co-creates educational programs that disrupt the current way our entrepreneurs learn. His holistically designed educational programs empower entrepreneurs to stop chasing “silver-bullet” solutions and start designing solutions that use regenerative systems.