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Episode 129: Alessandra Caine Regenpreneur Story - Changing the Narrative Around Investing in Regeneration

regenpreneur startup story Aug 17, 2023
Alessandra Caine on the Seeds of Tao Podcast

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Ever wondered how to redefine the investor-entrepreneur dynamic? 🤔 Join us for an insightful chat with Alessandra Caine in Episode 129 of the Seeds of Tao Podcast. 🎙️ Discover how Alessandra's journey from nurturing a large scale land rehabilitation project to venturing into ecommerce paved the way to shaping the narrative around regenerative business. Explore challenges, transitions, and the wisdom of seeking the right people as she shares valuable advice for fellow impact entrepreneurs. 🌍✨ Tune in to explore the world of investing in regeneration and be inspired to change the game! 🌟🌿


Show Notes

  1. 11:47 What get’s you up and excited to do the work you do?
  2. 13:28 How did you get started doing the work that you do?
    1. Went to school for environmental science because of deep passion for nature growing up
    2. Was given the task to direct the Common Land Foundation
      1. 1000 acre area meant to regenerate the land, people, and communities
    3. After 7 years at Common Land Foundation wanted to explore
      1. Wanted to learn more about regenerative business and become an entrepreneur myself
    4. Started an ecommerce business
      1. It was great idea but difficult to create
      2. three years building a business
  3. 25:42 How did you transition into Toniic
    1. Change the narrative of what investors have
    2. Global impact investment network
  4. 28:00 What are the main challenges for entrepreneurs working with investors
    1. Entrepreneurs not giving the right metrics to investors for their evaluation
      1. Showing investors what it is they can achieve through some type of tangible measurement
    2. A language issue
      1. Investors and entrepreneurs speak different languages
      2. Having an effective message and narrative for our audience is key
    3. Manage the expectations of investors while understanding that they are also fighting an old system
  5. 42:24 What does regenerative business mean to you?
    1. Business that always give back what has been used in a circular way
  6. 44:54 What was transition from employee to entrepreneur like for you?
    1. Empowering on one side that I was able to take action
    2. At the same time I felt like I didn’t have the right skills to be the entrepreneur
  7. 46:50 What were some of those skills you felt inadequate in?
    1. Act fast and change fast
    2. Not expressing personal judgement on yourself when you hit failures
  8. 51:47 When should businesses seek for capital?
    1. Timing is important
    2. Know what stage of business you are
    3. Know what type of investment and investors are out there
    4. Refine your questions on what you need that money for
  9. 55:39 What resources are out there for regenerative entrepreneurs who are seeking funding?
    1. Toniic -
    2. Global Impact investment network
    3. EVPA European Venture Philanthropy Network
  10. 57:00 What final words of advice do you have for impact entrepreneurs?
    1. Have the right people around you
      1. People that understand you
      2. Have skills you don’t have
      3. Inspire you

Guest Bio

Alessandra Caine - LinkedIn Profile

Trained as an environmental scientist, I believe the best way to accelerate the shift towards a regenerative economy is to understand that any business operates in a complex ecosystem and its social and environmental impacts go beyond its factories. Only by redesigning business models with these impacts in mind, we will be able to transform our value chains in truly sustainable ones.

With almost 10 years of experience in international sustainability programs worldwide, I am dedicated to scale successful solutions by working alongside impact investors and companies which are serious about halting and preserving biodiversity.


Host Bio

Emily Prieto - LinkedIn Profile

Emily is an explorer for the new creative solarpunk world and catalyst for regenerative economies and permanent cultures (permacultures). As the co-founder of Seeds of Tao she helps create experiences and opportunities for entrepreneurs to build strong regenerative enterprises. She is an artist, creative designer, and brand strategist who has worked with small and large businesses to create content that shares the brand identity through a compelling message and story. Using her creative design talent, Emily has also become a permaculture land designer, helping to design both commercial and residential lands for long-term regenerative change. She fluently speaks Spanish and English, adores Latin-American culture and chooses to build community and regenerative stewardship in the rainforests of Central America alongside her husband and four children.