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Episode 131: Masterclass with Anamaria Aristizabal on Re-Visioning your Regenerative Livelihood

masterclass personal development Aug 26, 2023
Anamaria Aristizabal presents a Masterclass with Seeds of Tao


We don't become impact entrepreneurs without some sense of purpose and desire for impact. And as entrepreneurs, our level of personal development and mindset is so closely linked to the health of our business, it's important to be always progressing and building our emotional resiliency. Today's episode 131 is the recording of a Masterclass from back in January with Anamaria, where she guides us through different exercises to connect with ourselves on a deeper level and align ourselves with our highest level of purpose. 

You can find the Masterclass recording, with video, in our free Resource Commons. We are now hosting Masterclasses every month, so you can find out the next Masterclass on our site as well.

Show Notes:

  1. 3:52 Start
  2. 7:06 What Anamaria hopes you get from the Masterclass
    1. To be inspired, fired up, and more connected to yourself
    2. Inspired by what you discover about yourself and others
  3. 7:35 The exercise introduction: Embrace your Daemon
    1. AKA embrace your wild side
  4. 8:47 Who is a hero of yours?
    1. Possibly edit out the put it in chat part of the conversation
    2. Our heroes have gifts and talents that we also own
    3. Are you ready to own your gifts today?
  5. 12:46 What is a Daemon
    1. A Greek concept
    2. An animal companion that is the guardian of our gifts
    3. It is an animal so it is a wild
      1. It is instinctual
    4. The lifeforce of our purpose
    5. If you can embrace this mystically experiment to explore a part of ourselves
  6. 18:15 The dark side of our Daemon
    1. it can be a demon to ourselves in two main ways
      1. When we suppress our gifts
      2. It can be mistakenly led
  7. 22:49 Take a moment to write down a gift of gifts you have
    1. Feel yourself owning your gifts
  8. 24:48 Drawing our Daemon 
    1. Get some supplies to draw
      1. Pencil
      2. Coloring pencils
      3. Paper
    2. Take a moment to stand up and dance
    3. Let’s now take a moment to meditate
    4. Start on a visualization journey
      1. Imagine you are in a beautiful desert do any of animals fit you?
      2. Let’s go to the mountains next. Do any animals represent you?
      3. Let’s go to the forest now. Do any animals represent you? Let’s take them with you
      4. A jungle
      5. The ocean
      6. A farm
      7. Take your daemon and help yourself to connect with your inner wild side
        1. The good parts of it
        2. The bad parts of it
    5. 54:30 Time to draw - take 5 to 10 minutes to draw 
      1. Draw the daemon in the center
      2. Upper left corner lists gifts your daemon has
      3. Lower Left lists Excesses
      4. Upper right list special people your daemon works well with
      5. Lower right list the special needs your daemon has
    6. 1:02:55 Share your Daemon with others
      1. Josh shares the Daemon he’s come up with
      2. Emily shares her Daemon
  9. 1:12:42 Q&A and Insights


Presenter Bio:

Anamaria Aristizabal - LinkedIn

Anamaria Aristizabal is a Master Certified Integral Coach®, Leadership Trainer, Culture Consultant, and Trained Facilitator dedicated to supporting individuals, teams, and organization in their development and change initiatives. She excels at designing impactful coaching programs, as well as workshops and transformational journeys with creative and participatory methodologies. With her work she hopes to inspire, empower, and transform, in order to generate positive social, environmental, and economic impact.

She is based near Bogotá, Colombia in an intentional ecological community called Aldeafeliz, a global demonstration center for a regenerative and inspirational lifestyle. She seeks to contribute to a transition towards more empowered, humane, entrepreneurial, and regenerative cultures that facilitate the next stage of human evolution.