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Episode 139: What is the Goal of a Regenerative Business?

em & josh organizational management Sep 23, 2023
Seeds of Tao Podcast on goal setting in a regenerative business

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Have you ever wondered about the true goal of a regenerative business? In Episode 139 of the Seeds of Tao Podcast, we embark on a journey to uncover this profound purpose. Drawing insights from nature's wisdom, we explore the intricacies of setting, tracking, and achieving regenerative business goals.

🌍 Join us as we break down the complexities of regenerative thinking and design. Discover how aligning with nature's intrinsic systems can lead to reduced waste and enhanced sustainability. Learn the art of managing energy, both yours and others', to foster positive change in your business.

🌟 Don't miss out on this enlightening conversation that delves deep into creating businesses that nourish life and bring about lasting impact. Tune in now to gain invaluable wisdom on the goals of regenerative businesses! 🎧


Show Notes:

  • What is the goal of a regenerative business?
    • There is a well known book in the business world called The Goal by Eli M. Goldratt
      • It lacks in a few critical areas to help us regeneratively design our business
        • It doesn’t take principles from nature
        • It’s very linear in its approach
        • It’s based on an consumption based economy
      • It’s not a regen book but it does have some good takeaways we can apply to regenerative business
        • The goal in the book is to make profit
        • We often lose the simplicity of the goal on our way to achieving it
        • There are inherent systems waiting to be discovered and applied in our business
        • When we tap into those systems we reduce or eliminate waste
        • It’s definitely a systems thinking approach
    • Is there a way that we can uncover the goal of a regenerative business?
      • Can we simplify it back to profit?
      • Triple bottom line profit?
      • Greater life?
  • How do we set it?
    • If greater life is the goal, how do we set it as the goal in our business?
    • This is where it becomes really challenging and not so simple
      • It’s a design challenge!
        • Using and aligning ourselves with natures inherent and intrinsic systems
        • We design our business to allow for the greatest amount of life
      • Some great starting points I’ve found are
        • Start with Zone 0
        • Observe and interact with the systems that create life to begin to have an understanding of them
        • Finding our purpose and place
        • Seeing where we are out of balance with ourselves and the living systems around us
        • Find the biggest rock
          1. Is it in your way or can you use it?
      1. WIG
        1. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
          1. Putting first things first
  • How do we track it?
    1. One landmark at time
    2. Lead metrics
      1. No vanity metrics - comparison of others
      2. Only what you have control over
      3. Directly relates to the goal you’ve set
      4. Allows you to use and value feedback
  •  How do we accomplish the goal?
    1. One bite at a time - slow and small solutions
      1. Break it down into seasons
      2. Learn to accomplish the smaller pieces of the goal
    2. With the help of others
      1. Write down everyone that can help you accomplish this goal
      2. Listen to the networking podcast episode
    3. Managing your energy
      1. Holding yourself accountable
      2. Understanding and letting go of negative energy
      3. Finding ways to increase and foster positive energies
    4. Managing the energy of others.
  • Calls to Action
    1. Check out the Incubation program coming soon
      1. Learn to set goals and accomplish them
      2. Network with other peers and mentors to accomplish your goals
      3. Hold yourself and others accountable for the life affirming work being done

Host Bio:

Joshua Prieto - LinkedIn Profile

Josh is the Co-Founder and Director of the Seeds of Tao learning platform for regenerative entrepreneurs. He has over 10 years of experience creating, building, and operating startup solutions alongside entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes. That experience has shown him that entrepreneurs have the biggest role to play in the Anthropocene as we either create the solutions for, or become the root problem of, our people, planet, and future. Josh now co-creates educational programs that disrupt the current way our entrepreneurs learn. His holistically designed educational programs empower entrepreneurs to stop chasing “silver-bullet” solutions and start designing solutions that use regenerative systems.