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Episode 057: Creating Change Using Social Permaculture with Adam Brock and Marie-Pierre Bilodeau

 Welcome back to another episode of the Seed of Tao Podcast, this week with not one, but two return guests who we know and love, Adam Brock and Marie-Pierre (MP) Bilodeau. This week is a unique episode, MP is sharing her community food forest project in a diverse neighborhood, and the struggles she is finding along her way, and Adam is weighing in with his extensive knowledge of social permaculture. 


If you’d like to get in contact with Adam or MP, they are both in our Slack community, or here are their individual contact resources…


Adam Brock:

  1. His website is adambrock.me
  2. His book is Change Here Now is available through his website or on amazon.


Marie-Pierre Bilodeau:

  1. Her organization, Refarmers can be found on her site at https://refarmers.org/ (the images in this post are from Refarmer's work in Africa)
  2. MP is also a frequent attendee of our weekly MOKR Mastermind

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