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Gain greater clarity on how to present your brand's identity as a guide and leader for regenerative change. As you take this quiz you will learn your brand's archetype profile and how to best utilize it in your message and marketing. 

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Unclear and Undefined Brands Dilute and Distort Impactful Messages 

There are more businesses than ever building triple-bottom-line profits that are moving us toward a more inclusive, fair, and balanced economy. Despite this, there is a lot of noise out there that can dilute and distort the impactful work you are doing and the message you are putting out to the world. 

Some of that noise is easily recognized by our audience. Like the clearly extractive and degenerative brands, our ideal audience avoids. Some of that noise comes from businesses that are pretending to do good. Our ideal audience has even started to identify them as brands who talk but don't walk the walk and label them as green, blue, pink, or social washing. 

The more subtle and potentially more damaging noise that dilutes and distorts our brand and message is the only one we have control over, our own messaging. If your brand is undefined and unclear you are adding to the noise and making it difficult for your audience to understand and take part in the impactful work you are doing. 

Using Archetypes to build Clear and Distinguished Regenerative Brands

The first step in creating a strong message that breaks us out of the noise and into the hearts of our ideal audience is to clearly identify who we are and express that to our audience. Thankfully, we can use a powerful storytelling tool called archetypes to help us define our brands identity and build clear messaging around that identity. 

There are 12 brand archetypes that represent different personas or parts of a brand's personality that are clearly understood by those our business interacts with. If we understand what archetypes our brand best represents we can use that understanding to craft clear and compelling messages for our audience. By taking the archetype quiz linked on this page you'll be able to learn what archetypes best represent your brand. Then, you have a framework to create messaging that helps you clearly distinguish your brand's identity and message. 

Take the Free Regenerative Brand Archetype Quiz

The 12 Brand Archetypes (Regen Style)

Regenpreneurs Helping Regenpreneurs

The Optimist

Desires to create happiness for clients in the here and now. With a culture that is light and joyful, they provide simple and easy-to-understand solutions.

The Explorer

Helps people discover parts of themselves they never knew were there. With an adventurous spirit, they provide services and products that enhance the journey their clients are on. 

Regenerative Entreprise Building
Seeds of Tao fosters accountable impact entrepreneurship

The Sage

Advances understanding and promotes wisdom. With curiosity and determination, they are often helping customers search for truth and advance learning curves.

The Warrior

Seeks mastery and accomplishment for those they serve. They are building services and products that others to be more resilient and successful at what they do. 

Seeds of Tao hold and inclusive community events
Seeds of Tao hold and inclusive community events

The Rebel

Disrupts and destroys what is not working. Aiming to snap their audience away from the mold their services and products shock and push the edge of what is accepted or allowed.  

The Shaman

Changes the perspective and works to transform others. In an often visionary way, they create transformational experiences for those they serve. 

Seeds of Tao fosters accountable impact entrepreneurship
Regenpreneurs Helping Regenpreneurs

The Best Friend

Is always there for their audience and client. With honesty, hard work, and often at affordable rates they help their clients do their everyday things. 

The Romantic

Fosters or finds beauty, love, and connection in all things. With an intimate and personal flavor, you make your customers feel special, adored, or doted on. 

Seeds of Tao hold and inclusive community events
Seeds of Tao hold and inclusive community events

The Comic

Is carefree and funloving towards everyone they encounter. Their products and services are all centered around helping people have a good time and find enjoyment in life. 

The Caregiver

Serves by nurturing and protecting others. They are deeply involved in the act of service and will often make sacrifices to care for their clients.  

Seeds of Tao hold and inclusive community events
Seeds of Tao hold and inclusive community events

The Designer

Innovates and creates in order to stay relevant and effective. They often provide many choices or options in their offerings that help their client manifest their dreams and visions. 

The Leader

Is the example and authority in their space. Their products and services are the best of the best with the purpose to elevate the lives of those they were created for. 

Seeds of Tao hold and inclusive community events

How to Discover and Present Your Brand's Identity 

Regenpreneur Think Tank Step 1

Take the Archetype Quiz

Click on the link above or below to take the free quiz to find your Archetype Profile.  

Regenpreneur Think Tank Step 2

View Your Archetype Profile

Use your Archetype Profile breakdown to understand your brand's identity.  

Regenpreneur Think Tank Step 3

Download Archetype Guides

Check your email inbox to gain access to messaging guides for each archetype. 

Regenpreneur Think Tank Step 4

Go Through the Self-Guided Lesson

Learn how to apply your brand's identity into an impactful brand story. 

Take the Brand Archetype Quiz and Start Building Impactful Messaging for your Regenerative Business.

The quiz is a free resource for you to begin creating more impactful messaging. If you want to learn how to build and scale your regenerative business with your message, look into our paid course on brand storytelling. 

Take the Free Regenerative Brand Archetype Quiz
Learn About Brand Storytelling for Regenerative Brands