The Regenpreneur Think Tank

A monthly gathering of regenerative entrepreneurs as well as the investors, employees, clients, and advocates that support them in their work to create regenerative change. 

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Regenpreneur Think Tank Details

Seeds of Tao Regenpreneur Think Tank Time


On the first Wednesday of the month at 1pm PT (4pm ET) 

Seeds of Tao Regenpreneur Think Tank Duration

How Long?

 For two hours we focus on entrepreneurial problem-solving

Seeds of Tao Regenpreneur Think Tank Occurance

How Often?

We gather monthly to create a consistent space for regenerative changemaking. 

Seeds of Tao Regenpreneur Think Tank Location

Where at?

Online through Zoom and the recordings are found in the Pando Commons

Here's What to Expect Each Month

Regenpreneurs Helping Regenpreneurs

Entrepreneurs Helping Entrepreneurs

One of the main goals for the Regenpreneur Think Tank is to give caring entrepreneurs a place to help one another in the their work to care for our people, planet, and future. You'll notice that this is a place of peers. We may be at different stages in our business, work in different fields, carry different skillsets, but we all share a common goal and through our diversity we can solve each other problems and move towards a more regenerative future together. 

Regenerative Enterprise Building

At each Think Tank you'll find entrepreneurs that are building enterprises that work and exist in our current economy while building towards a more  circular one. While helping each other build regenerative enterprises we recognize that we can't throw the baby out with the bath water and rebuild the system from the ground up. We must do what we can, with what we have, where we are at. Each meeting we work to find solutions for your business that are both regenerative and work in today's economy. 

Regenerative Entreprise Building
Join the Community and Attend
Seeds of Tao fosters accountable impact entrepreneurship

Action Oriented Accountability

Let's be honest, we can talk all day about the utopian solar-punk future we hope for, but what are you doing make that happen? When you attend a Think Tank you commit to put actions to your words. Attendees share what they are doing, ask for feedback, and overcome barriers that limit their ability to take action while attending. They stand accountable for their work, what they say they are going to accomplish through it, and work to hold others in the Think Tank to those same standards. 

Open and Inclusive Environment

The Regenpreneur Think Tank is a part of the Pando Commons. An open and inclusive community that comes together each month for this Think Tank as well as other events and educational programs. We welcome everyone to participate in supporting and building regenerative economies together. Though our focus is to serve regenerative entrepreneurs, we welcome investors, employees, clients and all who want to support regenerative enterprise building to join and attend.  

Seeds of Tao hold and inclusive community events

How to Attend the Monthly Regenpreneur Think Tanks

Regenpreneur Think Tank Step 1

Join the Community

Follow the link above or below and fill out the form to join the Pando Commons Community. 

Regenpreneur Think Tank Step 2

Check Your Inbox

After filling out the form, check your inbox for more info on how to attend the next Think Tank. 

Regenpreneur Think Tank Step 3

Add to Calendar

Make sure to add the Think Tank sessions as a recurring event in your calendar or mark the date. 

Regenpreneur Think Tank Step 4

Attend on Zoom

Join us on Zoom every 1st Wednesday at 1 pm PT (4pm ET). The Zoom Link is sent out the day of. 

Let's Grow Regenerative Economies Together

Even if you're on the fence on whether or not the Regenpreneur Think Tank is for you come attend anyway. Our future is inescapably intertwined together, you might as well come and see if we can work together to make it a great one. 

Join the Community and Attend