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Episode 106: Keri Evjy Regenpreneur Startup Story - Regenerative Life Design

personal development regenpreneur startup story Jan 25, 2023
Keri Evjy on the Seeds of Tao Podcast

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Hello and welcome back for a special bonus episode this month. Keri Evjy joins us for a beautiful exploration of her regenerative startup story and what led her to start not only one but four regenerative businesses. We’ll talk about the healing power nature and the outdoors has been in her life, how moments that test and stretch us help define and strengthen us, and of course, the origins of Keri’s two current business and lessons learned from two other businesses she moved on from.

Episode show notes:

  • Regenerative Life Design: Keri’s new startup is helping folks not only design land, but our lives, in a regenerative way.
  • Healing Roots Design: Keri’s first and ongoing land design business. In her story, she shares how she came into doing land design work and how that work also evolved into her life design work as well.
  • Regenerative Life Design Playbook: Keri’s book she mentions and reads from in the episode. You can find it on her site as well as on Amazon and in select bookstores.
  • Regenerative Life Design Through the Seasons: Keri has partnered with some other notable regenerative designers who have inspired her to create a year-long course for individuals looking to be regenerative in all seasons of their life.
  • Regen Life Design Q&A: She’ll be having a 1-hour Q&A on Feb 2, 2023, with the team of teachers on Facebook to talk more about that program. Go check it out!

Guest Bio:

Keri Evjy - LinkedIn Profile

Keri is a seeker, pathfinder, teacher, healer and an earth dweller committed to seeding mycelia and cultural topsoil to nudge human evolution. She is moved by a deep passion to love life, to be of service and help others cultivate a regenerative relationship with themselves and the earth. Keri founded Healing Roots Design, an edible and medicinal landscape design, installation and education project, and Regenerative Life Design Program, an online embodied earth-based toolkit for living life according to Nature’s Intelligence. Her recently released multimedia playbook, Regenerative Life Design Playbook, can be found on Amazon and in select bookstores.

Host Bio: 

Joshua Prieto - LinkedIn Profile

Josh is the co-founder and CEO of Seeds of Tao, an education and incubation company for regenerative entrepreneurs. If you ask him the purpose of SoT, he’ll tell you it is to create paths to a more inclusive, fair, and balanced economy. He feels a special kind of entrepreneur is the key to that path. In the past, he has felt discouraged, disappointed, and confused by the extractive and degenerative practices of the businesses he has helped during his career as an entrepreneur and marketing strategist. When he found the regenerative and permaculture movement, he realized that if entrepreneurs used regenerative principles and practices in their business our economy and culture would change from an extractive, degenerative one to a consciously regenerative one. Today he focuses on building up and increasing the number of regenerative entrepreneurs through open education services and incubator programs. He would absolutely love it if you joined him in his efforts.