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Episode 034: Moving Beyond Sustainability in Education with Kevin Cormack

Apr 28, 2020


As we start winding up for next week's World Report revolving around Fair Share/Future Care, it seemed only fitting to share clips from another conversation we had with last week's guest, Kevin Cormack. We had some amazing conversations with Kevin, both of us are really passionate about being lifelong learners. What we really wanted to do here was to examine the education avenues available and ask good questions about those avenues.


While this story definitely wasn't a normal episode, we hope that it opened up the conversation so that we can get more eyes really looking at the situation with education so that we can find a more regenerative solution.

In your opinion, what is the most valuable education out there to learn?

What are the drawbacks to that?

Is there another route you can take to not deal with those drawbacks?

We've spent years in the learning space, in the beginning we relied a lot on books and YouTube videos. Then we went up to Montana believing that we had enough knowledge, and realized we didn't know what we didn't know. However we couldn't just go and WWOOF for that knowledge, we had bills and four kids to haul around with us. Gradually we've expanded into online learning and more in the hands on realm with the community, yet those exclusive workshops are still out of our doable reach. 

We're definitely not saying that we have all the solutions, but it really begs the question - is there a more regenerative model for education we can create?

What do you think? 

Share your thoughts in the comments below, or in our Community and let's really open up this conversation.

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