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Episode 035: Fair Share/Future Care World Report

May 05, 2020

And we're back again for the next World Report, this time focusing on Fair Share/Future Care. This comes at an interesting time in the world - we are still in the thralls of COVID-19, though politicians are planning to slowly open things back up. We're all looking to each other and to the future to try to figure out what our new "normal" will look like. But at the same time, the global environmental issues we were facing before the pandemic aren't going away anytime soon either. 

Last week we watched a documentary called The Need to Grow. It provided an in-depth look at the state of the world, and followed the stories of a few passionate movers and shakers trying to really help change the way we do things. One of the scariest statistics we encountered in the documentary was that the earth only has 60 years of top soil left if we keep food production going the way that it is. 

Sixty years.

Our oldest son will be 68, our daughters 66 and 64, and our little guy 62. This could seriously reap havoc on their generation.

In the podcast episode this week, you will hear Josh talking with our two older kids about the documentary and what's going on in the world. This is the generation we need to get involved with, helping them to understand what is happening and how we can fix it. And we need to start with the soil.

So instead of spending another 1200 words going into all of the ways we can engage with and educate our kids, we would invite you to think about what you can be doing in your own life. Go watch the documentary and really reflect.

Who can you touch? Who can you teach? What is a small step you can start making to decrease your negative footprint and increase your positive one?

If you'd like to get in on a Mastermind with this topic, join our Community. We'll link you up with our Google Calendar, and our monthly Think Tank meetings so we can bring our heads together about this and other problems you and others are facing.

It's time to engage in the conversation and start creating change. If we stay silent and keep doing what we've always been doing, our kids' generation is going to pay for it.


Keep Growing Forward!