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Episode 041: Overcoming White Supremacy Through Unity and Creativity with Cortina Jenelle

cultural forces & flows Jun 16, 2020

Welcome back to the Seeds of Tao Podcast and blog post, today we're definitely talking about a hot topic in the world, and especially in the U.S. right now. For Episode 041, we've brought on the amazing Cortina Jenelle to address with us the White Supremacy narrative, and exploring how we can move past this global issue. 

First off, if you'd like to connect further with Cortina, you can listen to her podcast, Rhythm in Resilience on the major podcast platforms, and check out her website at

Rhythms in Ourselves and Nature

 We began our podcast by addressing rhythms, and I think that's a great way to set up this topic. There are rhythms everywhere, from the planets and seasons, to our daily routines and thought patterns. Permaculture itself is a design rhythm, patterned after nature, that we can implement just about everywhere. One thing I've found through homeschooling is that you get much greater success by working WITH rhythms (in my case the daily energetic rhythms of my kids), rather than AGAINST them. 

The more we align ourselves with positive rhythms, the less resistance we will find in our lives, and the easier we can move forward. But it is extremely important to make conscious decisions about what rhythms we fall into concordance with. The global white supremacy rhythm is one that needs resistance, because it's tearing the world apart.

The White Supremacy Inheritance

For centuries the world has seen White Supremacy in many forms like slavery, the European conquest of Christianity, eradication of indigenous lands and cultures, racial prejudice, and even modern day marketing. As Cortina said in the podcast, addressing and pushing back against White Supremacy isn't about taking down the white people, it's about re-writing the narrative that places white as the ideal.

Oftentimes people believe that we finished the White Supremacy issue during the Civil Rights Movement in the U.S. but while it may have gotten better, it certainly hasn't dissipated.  White supremacist groups like the KKK are not gone, but also less extreme examples such as Barbie and Disney Princesses are still in existence. 


One of the mental leeches that tags along with White Supremacy is perfectionism. Youth especially are subject to striving for a perfect image of themselves, in their looks, behaviors, relationships, school performance, you name it. I suffered from this myself growing up and I am white. It crosses boundaries and affects everyone. 

I'm not saying here that people shouldn't be setting standards for themselves, and continuing to improve themselves, but it's vitally important to address where that standard is coming from. Are we striving to be a perfect someone else? Someone who society views as successful and put-together? Or are we trying to be the best version of ourselves, and truly live authentically to our own passions and dreams? The distinction makes all the difference.

Bring the Artist into the Room

Cortina mentioned that it's time to bring the artist in the room, and I love that imagery. This is a time when people are more creative than ever before, and it's a time to harness that creativity to re-create this White Supremacy narrative. If we don't, we will pass down a destructive model of shame and idolatry to our children's generation.

Share and Unite

How do we overcome the division and hurt that the White Supremacy narrative has created? We need, now more than ever, to unite together and share our light with those around us. True unity only comes from deep understanding, so first we must seek to educate ourselves and better understand those with whom we are unfamiliar. Only then can we share in a way that brings us all together.


If you'd like to chime in on the White Supremacy narrative, and positive action going forward, join in our Community!


Keep Growing TOGETHER!


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