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Episode 049: An Invitation to Permaculture For and By the Youth with Lulu

Aug 11, 2020

This week we have a very special guest, a young permie from Tanzania named Lulu. When we started interviewing her for the episode, we were SO excited to get her on - we love the idea of hearing from the rising generation, especially when they are already part of the global permaculture movement.

In the podcast, there are a few links and resources we mentioned one of those being a fun video Lulu made with her dad to help share the permaculture principles with the youth. Give them a look... 

The permaculture youth group that Lulu is a part and that Morag Gamble, another past guest, has created:

Morag's course that she is currently working through:

Her parents project's web page:
And the song Lulu and her dad created (a must watch and share):

The Next Generation

When Josh was interviewing Lulu on the episode, he asked her why permaculture was so important to her, and she talked about how it's HER future she's working towards. Aren't we all working towards that? Some people in the sustainability/regenerative/permaculture spheres are fighting to keep things from getting worse in the world, but there are also a lot of people fighting to make things better. However, the affects of our actions will only yield minimal results for ourselves, the affects will be amplified for the future generations. This is the epitome of Future Care, whether you have kids or not, or are focused totally on your home garden or not, Future Care involves all of us for the sake of ourselves and especially for those who will come after us.

Empowering Our Youth

In the episode, Lulu was talking a lot about her permaculture journey and how learning from Matt Powers and taking Morag's PDC course were empowering experiences for her. It is VITAL that if this great work will continue, our youth need to feel empowered. Too much of the world and the youth, as Lulu mentions, is focused on current events and social media, all things that distract us and bring us down. In order to counter that motion, and truly empower the youth, we must make sure that they have access to these types of resources, ways for them to develop themselves into the future leaders we need in the world.

Getting Our Youth Involved

One of the big struggles Lulu mentions that she is having is that she feels really lonely as a homeschooled permie youth. While this regenerative movement is becoming more mainstream, and more global, we adults can more easily tap into that global network through virtual means, but we need to develop the channels for our youth as well. Lulu mentions Morag's Permayouth program that has helped her a ton, as she continually seeks to further connect with like-minded youth around the world. If you are aware of any other permaculture youth groups and resources, please drop a comment here, or in our Slack community. We're looking at putting together more resources and possibly even virtual masterminds with the youth in our Slack community to help them move forward with their regenerative goals.

Raising Pioneers

The next generation faces confronting the mistakes of previous generations, as do we all. And yet these affects are compounding. How do we raise our youth to face the global destruction that has been going on? We must raise strong, creative youth grounded in the strength they hold, and with the knowledge they need to move forward. We must supply them with the hard and soft skills they will need in the coming days, and we must help them to learn from our mistakes, as well as from their own. 

If you have youth that would like to get more involved, connect with us through our Community.

Keep Growing!