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Episode 086: Finding and Fulfilling Regenerative Gaps with your Entrepreneurial Endeavours with Ethan Wright

regenpreneur startup story Apr 28, 2021

There is no business like regenerative business! It seems like we are finding a pattern here on the Seeds of Tao Podcast and we're changing the narrative for what it means to build businesses and be an entrepreneur. 

Ethan Wright is one of those regenpreneurs changing the narrative and showing us what it means to create a business and satisfy the needs of not only the market, but our people, planet, and future. In Ethan's story, we'll talk about the businesses he's started and helped to start and how they fulfill gaps in regeneration. How he goes about his entrepreneurial endeavors is a helpful reminder for all regenpreneurs as we identify needs and create products and services that fulfill those needs in a holistic way. 

If you're wanting to know more about what Ethan's up to and get in touch with him he's asked that you connect with him on LinkedIn. Hope you enjoy the episode and don't forget to continue the conversation in the The Commons Slack Channel.