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Episode 110: Liz Reitzig Regenpreneur Startup Story - Balancing Family and Food Activism

cultural forces & flows regenpreneur startup story Mar 22, 2023
Liz Reitzig from Nourishing Liberty is featured on the Seeds of Tao podcast talking about being a mother and entrepreneur regenerative life design and the importance of resilient and community building

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Welcome back to the Seeds of Tao podcast, today we’ve got Liz Reitzig, an inspirational regenpreneur, activist, and momma bear. Liz and Emily dive into the importance of resilience, finding hope in troubling times, and balancing life as an entrepreneur and momma. Liz is the owner of Nourishing Liberty, a private consulting business focused on developing restorative food systems within local communities. She is also the founder and facilitator of Grassfed On The Hill, creating non-profit buying clubs where grassroots organizations offer families in the Eastern United States the benefits of locally sourced, organic foods via direct farmer-to-consumer sales. And lastly, she also has a substack with many awesome articles she’s written on topics like raw milk and food security, she’s on there as Raw Milk Mama.

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Episode 110: Show Notes

Liz’s vision (2min) - Liz shares her vision to transform food accessibility in the United States

Miracle Morning (3min) - Liz relates her morning routine inspiration comes from Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, which we also love. You can check out the book here.

The Change Point (5min) - Liz shares that the inspiration for her regenpreneur and activist journey was the lack of local, clean food available for her children.

Access to Food and Resources (9min) - Liz discusses the dichotomy between food and resources that should be accessible to all, verses the confidence to ask for money in exchange for a service to provide access to those things.

Activist and Momma (12min) - Liz shares how she had to continue her activist journey with babies on hips.

The Hardest Part of Being an Entrepreneur (15min) - Liz shares the struggles she has seen as experienced as an impact entrepreneur in an activist space.

What Works for Mental Shifts (19min) - Liz tells about what she has seen work in helping people to change their mindset in terms of sustainability and regeneration, and the best method is always through connection and empathy.

How do we not get overwhelmed by all the problems in the world? (25min) - Liz shares that one of the biggest tool she uses to keep from being overwhelmed by so many problems in the word is focusing on hope.

Building Resilience (29min) - Liz discusses how important resilience is and how we can cultivate that more in our lives. If collaboration among regenerative businesses is an interest, check out this previous episode on the podcast.

Advice Looking Back (31min) - Liz gives her younger entrepreneurial self advice like asking for payment for services, and claiming her voice.

How has becoming an entrepreneur changed you as a person? (35min) - Liz relates the skills that she had to develop in order to become an entrepreneur, like organization and setting boundaries. Liz also brings up the importance of slow and small solutions, which we also discuss in episode 36 with Jenna Beatrice.

Regenerative Life Design (45min) - Liz shares how she incorporates regenerative design principles in her own life.

Women Minimizing their Impact (49min) - Liz shouts out to all the women in regeneration, we need your impact, we need your voices, we need your leadership!

Guest Bio: Liz Reitzig - LinkedIn Profile

Liz has a strong experience in creating and adapting meal plans for any person who wants to have the healthiest possible lifestyle.

Family comes first for Liz. She believes that all people should leave the world better than we met it. Thus Liz, as a parent, just like you, wants to offer her children a foundation of exceptional health.

Promoting the use of principles such as "food network, food webs, permaculture, and buying clubs," Liz has helped countless families to change their state of mind, thus they have gained: strong immunity, stress reduction and of course learning to take responsibility for their food systems.

Host Bio: Emily Prieto - LinkedIn Profile

Emily is an explorer for the new creative solarpunk world and catalyst for regenerative economies and permanent cultures (permacultures). As the co-founder of Seeds of Tao she helps create experiences and opportunities for entrepreneurs to build strong regenerative enterprises. She is an artist, creative designer, and brand strategist who has worked with small and large businesses to create content that shares the brand identity through a compelling message and story. Using her creative design talent, Emily has also become a permaculture land designer, helping to design both commercial and residential lands for long-term regenerative change. She fluently speaks Spanish and English, adores Latin-American culture and chooses to build community and regenerative stewardship in the rainforests of Central America alongside her husband and four children.