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Episode 045: Tapping Into Our Shared Intelligence for a Permanent Culture with Carley Corrado

Uncategorized Jul 14, 2020

Welcome back to the Seeds of Tao podcast everyone! Today we're talking with Carley Corrado about banding together to access our shared intelligence. What a fascinating topic to apply to a permaculture perspective! Before we dive in too much into this super interesting topic, if you'd like to learn more about or get in touch with Carley and all she has going on check out the following...

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Collective Genius in Nature

Not only are we diving into a permie's awesome story in this episode, Carley is really educating on something we can apply to many aspects of our lives. It's always good to start with nature though, and it totally works in this situation. Carley makes connections with her discoveries to nature throughout the episode, but then I got to thinking...

This collective genius is kind of like an ecosystem. A plant on its own can only do so much, but when placed in a supportive guild with appropriate fauna, the whole becomes so much more. 

Did you know that one draft horse can pull 8,000 pounds? While that is seriously impressive, TWO draft horses can pull 32,000 pounds. Examples in nature of this collective genius, in together becoming something more than the sum of its parts, are everywhere.

Stepping Off the Path Towards Genius

So if nature exemplifies the power to access shared intelligence, can we do that as well? Carley adamantly insists that the answer is yes, but how exactly is that done? We can't just stand next to someone and access this. In the episode Carley expanded on a lot of different things that must happen in order to access this aggregated power, here are some of the things she mentioned.

Step Off the Path

We cannot continue with the same way of living and expect different results. That would technically classify us as insane according to Einstein. As Carley mentioned, you must step off of the path in order to engage a new level of existence, one more open to malleability and opportunity. If this were a mainstream, trendy blog there would probably be a lot of push back to this idea, but in the permaculture movement, most of us stepped off the path as soon as we discovered permaculture or regenerative living.

Increase Communication

Ok, so we're off the path, out on our own, the world is our oyster. What now? We need to gather people in order to be around those other minds we wish to share intelligence, and first we need to overcome a huge barrier - communication. Carley brings this up in the episode and I couldn't agree more. Lack of communication will put any project or endeavor in the ground, whether that's communication between people, or between our logical and emotional brain. Communication is NECESSARY for success. This doesn't just mean talking with people, in Latin communication means to share, or make common. We've got to come together on equal footing.

Engage the Heart

People make goals and take on projects all over the place. And yet, most people lack the grit to follow through with them because they haven't put their heart into it. The combination of activating our emotions and channeling them into our projects lights up our chakras, and allows us to work at a higher frequency with infinitely greater success. These days it's few and far between to see people truly balanced between the head and the heart, but as Carley talks about, it's vitally important.

Leverage Backgrounds

In the episode Carley brings up the important step of leveraging people's backgrounds. Can anyone say "Integration Rather Than Segregation"? Just as our plant guild bring different strengths to the table, so do our backgrounds, stories, and experiences. Coming to a united mind in order to access our shared intelligence requires letting go of stigmas, criticism and skepticism so that we can be uninhibited and open to the genius available between combined efforts.

If you have projects you've tackled only to continually fizzle out, or obstacles you can't seem to solve, tapping into a community mind may be the ultimate way to get yourself moving forward and problem solving. Don't underestimate the combined potential a group of individuals can have. That's really what Napoleon Hill brings up in his epic book, Think and Grow Rich, in Chapter 9. This chapter highlights the power of the Mastermind and the increased potential people have when they ban together. If you've been lacking a Mastermind community in your journey, feel free to come join ours. We hold a monthly Think Tank every first Wednesday of the month. We have the information for the meetings on the Seeds of Tao Google Calendar, which you'll have access to after joining our Community.

Keep Growing!


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