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Episode 019: Allowing Space in Community Projects to Observe and Interact with Claire Henkel

Uncategorized Jan 14, 2020


Allowing Space in Community Projects to Observe and Interact with Claire Henkel


We have a really inspiring change-maker here on the podcast this week. Claire Henkel joins us for Episode 019 of the Seeds of Tao podcast where we discuss creating change in the community while allowing space for organic feedback. Claire is an awesome example of someone who adapts to changing environments and finds a way to leave a place better that it was when she came. Here are some links to her fantastic permaculture non-profit out of Guatemala, the Garden of Hope.


Here’s the website of Jonathan Engels and his wife Emma Gallagher, who helped build the Garden of Hope… https://jonathonengels.weebly.com/ 


The Garden of Hope fundraiser... 



Garden of Hope's Facebook...


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Episode 018: Creating Resilience within Ourselves and our Village with Nicole Bradford

Uncategorized Jan 07, 2020


Creating Resilience Within Ourselves and Our Village

This week we have the amazing Nicole Bradford on the podcast, where we talk with her about creating resilience within ourselves as a necessary part of being an active part of a village. Lately, in the permaculture and sustainability spheres, there’s a big move towards trying to separate from traditional urban or suburban living and moving to an eco-village of some sort. Ideally in that type of environment, you would be around like-minded people, and create a culture around what matters most to the group. While this is a worthy pursuit and lifestyle, we must be careful to jump into that type of environment, without taking care of and strengthening our own mindset first.

Getting Along With Ourselves

In the episode, Josh and Nicole talked about how in order to get along with others, we must first get along with ourselves. This is so incredibly important. 


If we come into a village without our own head and...

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Episode 017: Manifesting Your Permaculture Dream with Alan Rafael Seid

Uncategorized Dec 31, 2019


Manifesting Your Permaculture Dream


On today’s Episode 016 of the Seeds of Tao Podcast we have Alan Rafael Seid with us, a master of mindset and creating harmony in the permaculture space. He’s got a beautiful piece of property in Washington State, and a wonderful story, as you will hear in the episode. In today’s blog post, we’re going to dive into a big topic that Alan brought up and kept circling back to in the episode - manifesting. But first, Alan shared his amazing endeavors with his business Kalapa, which you can learn more about here. He also talked about the compass rose he created related to Positive Change Agents and Positive Change Agents ...


What Exactly is Manifesting?


The term “manifesting” is kind of a crazy buzz word lately. Honestly, it’s not my favorite word. Oftentimes the term is directly related to the Law of Attraction, which definitely has its merits and value, but also often leaves...

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Episode 016: Entrepreneurship in Permaculture with Adam Jastrzebski

Uncategorized Dec 24, 2019


Entrepreneurship in Permaculture


This week on the Seeds of Tao Podcast Episode 016, we have the amazing Adam Jastrzebski on the show. We’ve known Adam for a little while now in our Slack community, and he is an amazing source of knowledge and experience in a number of different fields. One of the big ways we connected is through our love of marketing and entrepreneurship, which is exactly what we both agree that the permaculture needs a little more of.


Permaculture and Business

The permaculture scene is an amazing source of grassroots efforts to create positive, regenerative change in the world. Everywhere we see people healing the land, fighting for food freedom, and coming together over community garden initiatives. Permies are amazing at banding together to create change, and that’s exactly how we’re going to see real change start to happen. 


However, we also see a lot of permies almost pushing themselves away from the...

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Episode 015: What Does a Successful Permaculture Community Look Like? With Garden Jane

Uncategorized Dec 17, 2019

Starting with Understanding Yourself to Create Regenerative Communities


This week in Episode 015 of the Seeds of Tao Podcast, Garden Jane joins us and shares her amazing journey to becoming a Regenerative Community-Builder. Through a number of different avenues and adventures, Jane boils down what it really takes to create prosperous, regenerative communities - amazing individuals. Jane tells us, “We need to take the time to do our own work,” and we couldn’t agree more. That’s exactly the direction we’re going to go in this blog post, doing your own work and what that can look like. 

Why Start with the Self?

We found it fascinating that originally when Josh and I were putting together the systems and approaches for Seeds of Tao, we believed it was imperative to start as Jane suggested, with the “self.” 


But why not just head out into the community and start throwing ourselves into service projects, grabbing a shovel...

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Episode 014: Hope as a Permaculture Principle with Levi Gardner

Uncategorized Dec 10, 2019


This week on the Seeds of Tao Podcast Episode 014, we interviewed the amazing Levi Gardner, an environmental educator, Non-Profit Executive, father, musician, and aspiring writer. Levi has an amazing knowledge of the mindset side of permaculture, and especially maintaining hope when things get dark - and really that’s what permaculture is all about, creating regeneration in the face of destruction. In fact, we here at Seeds of Tao would argue that Hope is the 13th Permaculture Principle, and we’ve found that those permies who do not apply this principle, are greatly handicapped in terms of creating the change they wish to see in the world.

Hope vs. Fear

When it comes to environmentalism, there are really two camps, the fear-mongering camp, and the hopeful, enhancing camp.  You will find both in just about every community of sustainability, and even within the permaculture movement. 


Why is hope so important?


For one, people aren’t...

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Episode 013: Understand Your Personal “Why” Within Permaculture Movement with Robin Suggs

Uncategorized Dec 03, 2019


Exploring the WHY and Its Significance in Creating a More Intentional Life


This week on the Seeds of Tao Podcast we’re interviewing Robin Suggs about his permaculture journey and discussing the magic ingredient to success and impact - your WHY. Robin is an excellent example of a permaculture “convert” having come from a background of ornamental horticulture, and gradually being introduced to ways he could work WITH the environment, rather than against it to create beautiful, flourishing landscapes. But today in the blog post we’re specifically going to be handling the WHY statement that is so important and integral to confident, forward motion towards your wildest dreams.

What is the WHY?


The WHY has been a hot topic as of late at Seeds of Tao. Whether in our FREE Dreamcatcher Mini-Course or with our personal mentoring clients, we’ve been helping permies uncover their WHY in order to give them greater clarity and focus moving...

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Episode 012: Dana Wilson’s Amazing Permaculture Journey Through Media and Film

Uncategorized Nov 26, 2019

Resources Mentioned in Dana's Story 

Let's start us off this week by taking a moment to share some of the awesome resources that Dana mentioned in her episode. Both Emily and I are continually grateful for the many things we learn from those we have on the show and I hope you take advantage of the opportunity to learn from them as well. Here are some of those links and resources to check out. 

Awe and Reverence Media (link):  

Awe and Reverence Media is Dana's business and website and you can find out more about the many awesome projects she is involved in as well as reach out to her personally there. 

Prayerstream Community Art Project (link):

One of those Awe and Reverence projects Dana has involved herself in has been Prayerstream which has brought generations and cultures together through handmade spirit flags that are put on display at events like Intention, Astral Harvest, Reconciliation in Action, and Imagine Orcas

Dana's Collaboration...

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Episode 011: Permaculture Dreams

Uncategorized Nov 19, 2019

Are You Still a Dreamer?

Hey everyone! Did you hear the amazing announcement on the podcast episode? Our first ever mini-course is LIVE!!! Oh, and did I mention it’s FREE!?!? We are so excited to have you go through this mini-course, where you will learn the tools and go through the exercises so that you can get grounded, and confidently moving forward to achieve your…(you guessed it) … DREAMS!


So definitely head on over and sign up for the Dreamcatcher Mini-Course and get rolling towards your dreams!


But here in the blog post, we’re going to dig a little deeper with our dreams, what they are, what they can be, and why it’s important to shoot for them. You can scroll through countless websites and Pinterest boards, being bombarded by inspirational quotes here and there, but that’s all just nebulous, abstract inspirational words being put together. Let’s get down to the roots and nourish the soil that grows the dreams.


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Episode 010: Getting to Work, Getting Involved, and Making a Difference with Kevin Danaher

Uncategorized Nov 12, 2019

This week on Episode 010 of the Seeds of Tao Podcast, we interviewed Kevin Danaher, an author, and anti-globalization activist. He is an amazing go-getter who discusses with us his land, mission, and message to get to work and start creating change. He brings up the Golden Rule, and how we should do to others, and the earth, as we want them to do unto us - which I think every permie can resonate with. While this may seem like an elementary school guideline for good behavior in the classroom, it’s actually an amazing concept that has many levels to be applied. Let’s dig in!


The Golden Rule with Permaculture

There are two components to the Golden Rule, the giving and receiving. DO in the first part of the rule indicates action, forward motion, and in essence, WORK. Any practicing permie will tell you permaculture is a lot of work, especially if you’re just starting out. According to the Permaculture Compass from Episode 002, there are three spheres or...

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