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Episode 089: Reducing Our Reliance on Silver Bullet Sollutions with Don Huber

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2021

Another great week on the Seeds of Tao podcast. We have Don Huber's episode this week and we are talking about his lifelong research in crop health and nutrition. Don has been a scientist, researcher, and educator in plant pathology for over 55 years. With an amazing career in the space, he has been able to give much to the regenerative community in his work and we're grateful to have him on the podcast today to share his story and perspective. 

Profile photo of Don Huber

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Episode 088: Earth Care World Report - What Can Regenpreneurs Learn From the 2021 Climate Leadership Summit?

Uncategorized Jun 01, 2021

We are back from a month-long break from the podcast. This was the first break we've taken from our weekly podcast episodes and it was a much-needed one. Emily and I got to have a small trip to our Montana property, we took some time to reevaluate our direction with Seeds of Tao podcast, and we will have some exciting news to announce in the coming months as we share more about the direction our regenpreneur learning platform is going. 

Now that I've gotten that small update out of the way, I'd like to direct you to the 2021 Climate Leadership Summit we had at the end of April. I wanted to do a world report on the summit so that regenpreneurs and the larger regenerative movement could pull some helpful lessons from it and gain a better understanding of what our global leaders are focusing in on as we collectively work to tackle the SDG's in a regenerative way. Hope you enjoy! Let's continue the conversation in the Pando Academy Commons.  


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Episode 087: Personal Development by Establishing a Symbiotic Relationship With Nature with Jeffry Vos

Uncategorized May 11, 2021

You know those moments when you are out in nature and whatever has been ailing you has suddenly been swept away by what Jeffry Vos calls the natureverse? It's a beautiful thing and it is so real that you experience it every single day if you allow it into your life. This is the main theme of the story Jeffry shares with us today. In fact, nature is more than a healer it can refine us into better versions of ourselves. Jeff shares how his consistent connection with nature, the practice of permaculture principles in his life, and the hard work of homesteading has changed and refined his talents and has become his way to personally develop himself. 

As you listen to the episode and get to know Jeffry, you can reach out to him by email or on the Seeds of Tao Slack channel.  



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Episode 086: Finding and Fulfilling Regenerative Gaps with your Entrepreneurial Endeavours with Ethan Wright

Uncategorized Apr 28, 2021

There is no business like regenerative business! It seems like we are finding a pattern here on the Seeds of Tao Podcast and we're changing the narrative for what it means to build businesses and be an entrepreneur. 

Ethan Wright is one of those regenpreneurs changing the narrative and showing us what it means to create a business and satisfy the needs of not only the market, but our people, planet, and future. In Ethan's story, we'll talk about the businesses he's started and helped to start and how they fulfill gaps in regeneration. How he goes about his entrepreneurial endeavors is a helpful reminder for all regenpreneurs as we identify needs and create products and services that fulfill those needs in a holistic way. 

If you're wanting to know more about what Ethan's up to and get in touch with him he's asked that you connect with him on LinkedIn. Hope you enjoy the episode and don't forget to continue the conversation in the Pando Academy Commons Slack...

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Episode 085: Hacking Our Earth's Ecological Challenges with Jon Connors

Uncategorized Apr 20, 2021


You are in for a treat on today's podcast! Jon Connors our regenerative viking is here to share some tales from an unordinary life and show us what it takes to hack our Earth's challenges. I had a fun time with Jon during our interview. We've also been chatting about his work in our Regenpreneur Masterminds on Thursdays and I'll tell you, I really like what him and his team are working on. Here are resources to dive more into what Jon is up to. Enjoy the episode! 

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Episode 084: Getting Past Borrowed Dreams and Burnout as a Regenpreneur With Anamaria Aristizabal

Uncategorized Apr 13, 2021

Hey regenpreneur friends... Have you ever reached burnout with your work? I never thought it would be possible when doing purpose-driven work, but it can happen even when you're doing work that you're passionate about. Today we have an amazing guest that dives deep with us and takes us all on a journey of reflection. I guess I can only speak for myself, but I definitely recognized the moments in my life where I wasn't living my authentic self and had reached burnout. Maybe you're there and this episode is just for you or maybe you can use this episode as a cautionary tale and "what to do" when you feel like you're approaching burnout. Whatever the case, Anamaria and I hope it is of help to you. Please enjoy =) 

If you're wanting to stay in touch with Anamaria and/or dive into more of her work come check out the following links: 

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Episode 082: The Regen-Preneur Journey from Dream to Distilled

Uncategorized Mar 30, 2021

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you intentionally have to let every preconceived plan go and allow yourself space to readjust to your life? This past week one of those weeks. In fact, it’s probably been the last two weeks that I’ve been giving myself space. I’ve put my daily routines on hold. Given myself the opportunity to take meetings I normally wouldn’t take, cancel meetings I normally would take, and work on projects that I normally say “not right now” to. Today’s podcast was one of those “not right now” projects that have been on my mind, but boy I’m sure glad I took the time to do it because I was needing it and I have a feeling that someone else will need this as well.

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Episode 081: Finding the Meaning of Value Within our Living Systems with Juan Daza

Uncategorized Mar 23, 2021

It amazes me how many wonderful people are doing work they are called to do within the umbrella of permaculture, regeneration, and whatever label you can put on the work of caring for people, the planet and the future. What amazes me, even more, is that there is so much diversity in this work. Not one person that I have interviewed is going about their journey towards regeneration in the same way. We are hopefully moving forward along the same path, but everyone has their own way of doing so. 


Juan Daza Arévalo definitely has his own approach to creating the change he wishes to see and it is one we can all learn from. In our interview, Juan shares a part of his journey in finding value within any living system we interact with and using that value to create solutions for the future. He uses his experience as a businessman and his understanding as a permaculturist to find that value and discover the solutions that are linked to it. For those that may not have...

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Episode 080: Love for People, Planet, and Future is Service with Aditi Mishal

Uncategorized Mar 16, 2021

Wow, what a wonderful episode we have in store for you today! Aditi Mishal goes into her journey of how she came to serve her people, planet, and the future through practical action. 

Aditi is the Chief Sustainability Officer at Govardhan Ecovillage Mumbai, India. This place is beautiful and I hope to one day be able to visit the ecovillage. You can check out the ecovillage, its practices, and services on their website here. They also have this awesome program that we talked about on the podcast called the Tide Turner's Plastic Challenge which is helping everyone find practical ways to turn the tide on plastic pollution. 

Ok, if you haven't listened to the episode yet then what are you waiting for? Don't forget if you get something out of the episode share your thoughts on the Seeds of Tao Slack Workspace in the #1-community-chat channel and you'll be entered to win a seat in our Pando Pioneer Program for regenerative entrepreneurs. If you're not on our Slack workspace,...

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