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Episode 082: The Regen-Preneur Journey from Dream to Distilled

Uncategorized Mar 30, 2021

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you intentionally have to let every preconceived plan go and allow yourself space to readjust to your life? This past week one of those weeks. In fact, it’s probably been the last two weeks that I’ve been giving myself space. I’ve put my daily routines on hold. Given myself the opportunity to take meetings I normally wouldn’t take, cancel meetings I normally would take, and work on projects that I normally say “not right now” to. Today’s podcast was one of those “not right now” projects that have been on my mind, but boy I’m sure glad I took the time to do it because I was needing it and I have a feeling that someone else will need this as well.

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Episode 081: Finding the Meaning of Value Within our Living Systems with Juan Daza

Uncategorized Mar 23, 2021

It amazes me how many wonderful people are doing work they are called to do within the umbrella of permaculture, regeneration, and whatever label you can put on the work of caring for people, the planet and the future. What amazes me, even more, is that there is so much diversity in this work. Not one person that I have interviewed is going about their journey towards regeneration in the same way. We are hopefully moving forward along the same path, but everyone has their own way of doing so. 


Juan Daza Arévalo definitely has his own approach to creating the change he wishes to see and it is one we can all learn from. In our interview, Juan shares a part of his journey in finding value within any living system we interact with and using that value to create solutions for the future. He uses his experience as a businessman and his understanding as a permaculturist to find that value and discover the solutions that are linked to it. For those that may not have...

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Episode 080: Love for People, Planet, and Future is Service with Aditi Mishal

Uncategorized Mar 16, 2021

Wow, what a wonderful episode we have in store for you today! Aditi Mishal goes into her journey of how she came to serve her people, planet, and the future through practical action. 

Aditi is the Chief Sustainability Officer at Govardhan Ecovillage Mumbai, India. This place is beautiful and I hope to one day be able to visit the ecovillage. You can check out the ecovillage, its practices, and services on their website here. They also have this awesome program that we talked about on the podcast called the Tide Turner's Plastic Challenge which is helping everyone find practical ways to turn the tide on plastic pollution. 

Ok, if you haven't listened to the episode yet then what are you waiting for? Don't forget if you get something out of the episode share your thoughts on the Seeds of Tao Slack Workspace in the #1-community-chat channel and you'll be entered to win a seat in our Pando Pioneer Program for regenerative entrepreneurs. If you're not on our Slack workspace,...

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Episode 079: The Give and Receiving of Living Intentionally with Chloe Buzzotta and Leonie Brien

Uncategorized Mar 09, 2021

This week we have two wonderful women on the podcast. I do love that alliteration “wonderful women” and it fits quite well for Leonie and Chloe. They have worked together as a couple to create an amazing and needed business together where they help educate and empower people to create intentional communities all over the world. The business is Whole Systems Network and they have a course coming up real soon on March 16th called Grounding Your Village Course. If you’ve ever thought of or would like to start your own intentional community or ecovillage then you really do have to give this a look. It’s quite comprehensive and they have a number of experts to cover just about everything you need to know about the process and work of building an IC. 

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Episode 077: Empowering Our Educators to Fearlessly Teach Regenerative Solutions with Cindie Ogata Byers

Uncategorized Feb 23, 2021

This week we had the lovely Cindie Ogata Byers on the podcast. If you want to dive more into her work as an educator and sustainability advocate come give her book a look here and listen to her EcoVentures Podcast here

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Episode 076: Lessons Learned from the Land with Wendell Gilgert

Uncategorized Feb 16, 2021

This week's podcast was a true pleasure. Wendell's lifelong career and passion in conservation and ecology have given us some amazing stories and lessons to learn this week. I'm a little late to write up my thoughts and share what I've learned from my conversation with Wendell, but as you listen to the interview you might want to check out some of the references mentioned and do a bit of your own discovery as well. Here are some of those references: 

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Episode 075: The Four Permaculture Epiphanies with Greg Peterson

Uncategorized Feb 09, 2021

Woohoo! Another great episode of the Seeds of Tao podcast and an amazing personal story of a key influencer in regeneration and permaculture. Greg Peterson is here today to share some epiphanies with us on how he got started into permaculture, his journey into creating a livelihood around it, and some golden nuggets on turning a profit with our regenerative livelihood. 

Make sure to check out Greg's podcast and website at www.urbanfarm.org. There are some wonderful educational resources there, great content, and if you are in the Arizona area or stopping by you can grab some fruit in season. 

The First Epiphany: The Banner You Wave

I've heard it said by many passionate and powerful individuals in many different ways. Greg describes it as his banner, but it is your true belief that gets you up in the morning and keeps moving through the day, week, month, year, decade, and beyond. If you don't have it, life is so... so difficult.

So what is this "banner" Greg speaks of in...

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Episode 074: Earth Care World Report - What's the Curriculum for Caring for the Earth?

Uncategorized Feb 02, 2021

The last two World Reports have had a common theme that stems from our connection with nature. If you remember last month's Future Care World Report we talked about Rachel Carson's story and its relevance to our day and age. Carson's relationship with nature was one of the biggest reasons we were blessed with such an amazing naturalist and passionate activist. I can only imagine that if we all had been raised up and taught to have a deep relationship with mother nature that there wouldn't be nearly as many environmental issues existing today. So this is the direction we've decided to go this month for the world report. This week's exploratory question is an appendage of the question we asked last month (What holds the answers to our ecological challenges?). This week we'll dive a little further and ask what might the curriculum for caring for the earth look like? 

The Earth Care Curriculum

If you were to design a curriculum for your children or a youth group that helped...

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