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Episode 066: The One Vital Aspect of a Regenerative Livelihood with Mike Garcia

Uncategorized Dec 15, 2020

This week on the Seeds of Tao Podcast we’re talking with Mike Garcia, sustainability expert and founder of EnviroscapeLA Landscaping. This is a little bit of a twist since oftentimes landscaping is the opposite of regenerative agriculture and landscape rehabilitation. However, Mike has a store of knowledge to create landscapes in Los Angeles that are ecosystem supportive, and actually beneficial to the environment. Mike has a store of knowledge and content online, you can check out more of what he’s been doing on his website, his YouTube channel (which is packed with great videos), or on his Facebook Page.

That One Vital Piece

In the episode Mike shared many really cool stories, we especially liked the one about his trip to a Tony Robbins seminar, and the point was brought home that you are nothing without your health. There are many aspects of building a regenerative livelihood, but all of them are less effective or irrelevant if we don’t have our health. 

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Episode 065: Using Purpose to Design Our Regenerative Livelihood with Javan Bernakevitch

Uncategorized Dec 08, 2020

One of the most amazing things about permaculture is that it inspires us to channel our creative energy into everything around us. In this week’s episode of the Seeds of Tao Podcast, we’re talking with Javan Bernakevich about his amazing journey through natural building, permaculture land design, and eventually holistic permaculture life design. Javan is a big mover and shaker in the industry, we’re grateful to have him as our guest, with his extensive knowledge and experience. Let’s dive in!

First off, if you’d like to check out more of what Javan is up to and follow him along his journey, check out  All Points Land Design or follow him on Facebook or Instagram

We Are Life Creators

In this week’s episode, Javan shares his awesome journey through many jobs, cities, educational programs, and side quests as he sought to find out how to create a life that really resonated with him and made a positive impact. One of the big epiphanies...

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Episode 064: People Care World Report - Facing Death in the Present

Uncategorized Dec 01, 2020

This week on the Seeds of Tao Podcast we're addressing the big scary elephant in the room for everyone - death. It sucks. It's happening all over the globe, and it's going to happen to both of us. Now that we've gotten that out, let's dive into moving past this fear and into a place of presence. If we can stay fully present, we can move forward with peace and confidence throughout our lives, rather than be stuck in a place of fear and paranoia. 

The Big D

All over the world, we’re facing a global pandemic, so naturally, we’re paying more attention to death rates this year. (Though the actual effect of COVID on the death rate is still negotiable, the numbers of actual COVID deaths are HIGHLY controversial) Many of us are still at home, away from everyone else, putting a lot of time and energy into not catching COVID… avoiding a possibly fatal disease. The thing is, spending our time focusing on death or the possibility of illness isn’t going to do us...

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Episode 063: Using a Regenerative Mindset to Light an Ember of Hope with Bonita Ford

Uncategorized Nov 24, 2020

Bonita Ford joins us this week on the Seeds of Tao Podcast Episode 063 as we dive into cultivating hope, even in the darkest of times. Bonita is a non-violent communication expert, group facilitator, and coach who combines permaculture with non-violent communication, body and nature awareness, movement, and Reiki into her work. She’s just released her first book, Embers of Hope which she describes in the episode. Especially in these times of pandemics and uncertainty, her message of hope in the darkness is vitally important for us to utilize and maintain the regenerative mindset we seek.

Get in touch with Bonita:





Here's where she first took a PDC:


Here's where she got her permaculture diploma:


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Episode 062: Building Financial Resiliency with Laura Oldanie

Uncategorized Nov 17, 2020

Welcome back, friends! This week we’re diving into a SUPER important topic that affects permies (and everyone else for that matter) worldwide. That topic is financial sovereignty. Laura Oldanie is joining us to share her journey and epiphanies she has had over the years as she has sought to create a stable financial life. Laura is such a great resource, in fact we had her teaching the group in one of our MOKR Masterminds not long ago. To check out more of what Laura’s up to…

Her website is https://www.richandresilientliving.com/

Or you can follow her on social media on:






In the episode she also mentions having a ton of student loan resources for those of you trying to get out of student loan debt:





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Episode 061: The Process of Creating an Intentional Life and Home with Jorge Acevedo

Uncategorized Nov 10, 2020

Welcome back to our next installment of the Seeds of Tao Podcast! This week we have a fantastic, super-knowledgeable guest with us, Jorge Eduardo Acevedo Pallares, who is a climate change and sustainability consultant. In the episode, Jorge shares his awesome permaculture journey from Mexico to Australia and through projects he’s undertaken, such as building a house out of clay and local waste products. So inspiring! If you’d like to check out more about what he has going on, check out the following…

The Unseen Costs of Modern Homes

In this week’s episode, Jorge and Josh spent a lot of time talking about traditional vs. natural home building. Just like Jorge, we’ve spent a...

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Episode 060: Earth Care World Report on Building Fire Resiliency in Mind and Deed

Uncategorized Nov 03, 2020

Welcome back, everyone! We’ve got another World Report this week, focusing on Earth Care. No matter where you’re located in the world, surely you’re aware of the crazy mega-wildfires we’ve been dealing with increasingly for the past years. What the heck!? Is the world just burning up? Well, kind of. This week as we focus on Earth Care, we’re talking about wildfires and what we can do about them to become more resilient mentally and physically. The inspiration for this episode and blog post is coming from Javan K. Bernakevitch’s YouTube video below…


Looking at it All Wrong

When I was a kid growing up in California, Smokey the Bear was everywhere. He was on billboards, on the television, plastered all over campsites, he was a well-known celebrity. Smokey was a marketing campaign by the government to try to convince us to make sure we put out our fires all the way so that we don’t start a wildfire. I’m not saying we...

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Episode 059: Knowing Thyself with Ray Milidoni

Uncategorized Oct 27, 2020

Welcome to this week’s blog post! This week we’re talking with Ray Milidoni from Australia, a super knowledgeable permie-preneur, always out to help people push their dreams forward and connect with others. Today in the podcast he’s sharing the very special epiphany he had, to “know thyself,” and encourages everyone to master this principle instead of trying to conform to what everyone else thinks you should be or do. Ray is a Pando student and frequent attendee of out MOKR Masterminds, so if you’d like to get to know Ray more, come to one of our Masterminds, or check out the following:


  1. Stay Sharp
  2. Kolbe Test
  3. Farming Secrets

Cookie Cutter Education

We start this episode with Ray sharing a really funny story about how, as a child, he would disassemble his toys to find out how they worked, and how our education system is hard for those who think outside the box. Ray mentions how schools don’t prepare so many needful skills...

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Episode 058: Getting Involved with Ocean Regeneration with Daniel Kleinman

Uncategorized Oct 20, 2020

This week on the Seeds of Tao Podcast we have Daniel Kleinman with us, a marine robotics engineer passionate about creating awareness of the issues our oceans are facing and inspiring us to get out there and do something about it. To get involved with Daniel or follow his journey check out…


You can follow him on social at...





A Universal Problem

In permaculture, we talk a lot about how there are many issues in the world needing fixing, but we need to start with our communities to create real, lasting change. That doesn’t mean that we should be disconnected from the global problems we’re facing though. And what about the oceans? If we live inland, we aren’t really connected to them, right?

In the episode, Daniel emphasizes that this is not a coastal issue, our oceans affect everyone and...

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Episode 057: Creating Change Using Social Permaculture with Adam Brock and Marie-Pierre Bilodeau

Uncategorized Oct 13, 2020

 Welcome back to another episode of the Seed of Tao Podcast, this week with not one, but two return guests who we know and love, Adam Brock and Marie-Pierre (MP) Bilodeau. This week is a unique episode, MP is sharing her community food forest project in a diverse neighborhood, and the struggles she is finding along her way, and Adam is weighing in with his extensive knowledge of social permaculture. 


If you’d like to get in contact with Adam or MP, they are both in our Slack community, or here are their individual contact resources…


Adam Brock:

  1. His website is adambrock.me
  2. His book is Change Here Now is available through his website or on amazon.


Marie-Pierre Bilodeau:

  1. Her organization, Refarmers can be found on her site at https://refarmers.org/ (the images in this post are from Refarmer's work in Africa)
  2. MP is also a frequent attendee of our weekly MOKR Mastermind

First, Build Relationships

In the episode this week there is...

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